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Does Anyone Have A Favorite Or More Than One Back-On Moment?
Hey Does Anyone On BOO Have A Favorite Or More Than One Favorite Back-On Moment? I Know I Do. Anyway Here's My Favorite Back-On Moment.

Kenji03-"Hi Good Morning I'm Kenji03 Back-On's Guitar & Vocalist Yes! It Was Our First Album We Wanted To Create The Best Thing Possbile So...I'm Sorry What The Question Again? It Was Rather Complicated Question." Teeda-"No It Wasn't." From Alchemy Radio's Asian Pop Show. Wow When Teeda Said That I Thought It Was So Funny. Because The Way Teeda-san Said That He Sounded Very Funny & Kawaii At The Same Time. LoveloveLovelove
I'm A Teeda From Back-On FanGirl & I'll Always Be A Teeda From Back-On FanGirl.

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