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/r/ «Change My Username v1.0»
Wow, I never paid attention that THERE'S NO "CONTACT", "FAQ" or "HELP" forum!!!

Well... any admin reading this...
Can you change my username Yuki for Spitfire????

Reason: I'm using that nick almost in every forum that I am. So today I tried 3 logins attempts and the third one was right Tongue

1st Try:

Nick: Spitfire
Pass: ******** [my regular pass for everything xD]

2nd Try:

Nick: Spitfire
Pass: ******** [another "common" password for me]

3rd Try:

Nick: Yuki
Pass: ******** [the regular one!]

So... can you help me? >___<
Greetings and thanks in advance Tongue
Spitfire a.k.a. Yuki ^^
[Image: oRHRbtl.jpg]
• Facebook: @MineCruzado
• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
that happens alot to me too Sad since i use about 3-4 different usernames and 3-4 different passwords too
A PM is sufficient too Smile Would you mind sending me one directly please, Yuki?

And would an FAQ/Help forum be useful you reckon?
Uhmmm... k Flick ^^
[Image: oRHRbtl.jpg]
• Facebook: @MineCruzado
• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
Thanks Spitfire/Yuki Big Grin Can't get used to this lol. Might have to just shorten it to Fire.

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