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Back On CDs and CD singles for sale
Hey guys just got these in my store and got to get sell them. The first people I thought about are the true fans here. I don't know if any of you guys need them but gonna post them here.

My store has the following CDs by them;

1 copy of Adachi Tribe
2 copies of Baby Rock
2 copies of New World
1 copy of Yes!!!

As for singles;

1 copy of Blaze Line
1 copy of Butterfly
1 copy of flower
1 copy of flyaway special edition
1 copy of Sands of time

Also it will all be in Canadian Dollars for anyone curious. So US buyers it will be cheaper when you do the conversion from Canadian Dollar to US.
This does not included shipping I will get you a quote for you depending the method you want it done and any insurance.

If anyone is interested, email me or post on the thread. I will be them constantly through my Blackberry.
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