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Bass tabs?
Anyone got/know were I can get bass tabs (or full tabs, all instruments) for their music?
It's especially hard to find bass tabs for Gaku-Ten, the bass in it is amayzing. x]
Hey Cevo!
I found that on Google:

Hope you'll find it useful Smile
I know one of our more senior members - Tsubame - contributed a lot towards guitar tabs for BACK-ON's songs (not sure if it was for the bass though) and you can find the thread here:

and some of them got posted on the main guitar tab sites Smile

Thanks for the link too, SpydR! Wink
flick is so resourceful, has an answer to everything...... but no, i dont play bass so im not sure where to find them
neither do I cause I play drums,srry
me play piano, me play violin, me play computer! me no play bass
You guys are still musical though! Big Grin Maybe it can be a virtual band - each person records their own part to make into one!

@Edward: I sometimes, clearly, have nothing back to do :p But must thank Tsubame for the tabs though.
i just sit infront of the computer wishing somthing fun would happen too flick

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