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Air Gear Translation
Hey guys its been awhile. I know that its summer break and everything I hope everyone here is doing well and relaxing.

Sowon or anyone have any idea what this says in english. The last panel on the page; click on the link.

anyone who can help me with this it be great.

[Image: Beckbw.jpg]

A human soul is very complex. The guitar conveys the soul's feelings. Words translate what the soul is feeling. This is called a song, it calms, heals, & sooth the souls thousands.
im not sure if its the same in japanese but in chinese im pretty sure the top says fly and the bottem character says earth
not sure if you can read this but ill type it in chinese for you 飛地
if you read them together it forms flying area or spot
hope this helps

btw sowon's in japan and isn't very active on the forums these days
As Edward has said, it does say 飛地 (in a cool tattoo style!), which apparently means enclave (with thanks to the dictionary!).

Wikipedia defines the word 'enclave' in a geographical term as
Quote:... a territory whose geographical boundaries lie entirely within the boundaries of another territory

Merriam-Webster has a more understandable explanation:

Quote: a distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit enclosed within or as if within foreign territory

As I haven't read the rest of the manga, I don't know if this implies that those two are distinctly different from the others (hence the tattoo) or does it apply to others in the group?
hmmmmmm it would make sense if everyone from the original sleeping forest had the same tattoo cuz they are all gravity children....... but thems two are also different from the rest......
Looked em up individually, Edward was right about them being Fly and Earth.
Can definitely see how they'd be significant in Air Gear.
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]

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