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Anime Acess Back-On Interview Video

Here you go Smile I haven't uploaded a video to Youtube for so long this took me most of the evening. After waiting for ages, I quite forgot that Youtube has the 10:00 minute time limit for their videos.

The original was about 14 mins long so attempt 1 failed.

So I decided to just cut out and join up the two relevant clips from the video; I'm rubbish with that side of things so yes, let's just say it was an arduous process. But FINALLY, here it is Smile

Sorry the quality isn't particular good. This is the best copy I have. I'm sure if someone has a better video they will share it with us in time~

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RE: Anime Acess Back-On Interview Video - by Flick - 06-28-2009, 10:55 AM

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