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Where are you from?
(03-11-2009, 09:17 AM)lesboys22 Wrote: I'm probably jetting to France to see my sister in April woo! Anything I should absolutely see?

If you stay in paris there are plenty of nice settings to go.
The eiffel tower of course.
The champs élysés. which is know as the most beautiful avenue in the orld.
La place de la concorde
Montmartre which represents the old Paris. with streets kinda close to San francisco I guess. With tons of Artists
Opera district near la concorde which is one of the most beautiful place too with lots of shopping to do and Stuffs too.
Notre dame church's square
Saint Germain / Saint Michel district the Latin district. With lots of Spanish and South American stores.
And restaurants to go.
Chatelet /les Halles kinda...strange area with not really good people to see there ( jerks...sometimes) but with Old and good french restaurants. Well there are plenty of good french stuffs there too.

I don't know if you are in to Museums and those things. I won't give any advice I don't know myself about those a lot....

It's kinda funy because tourists who go into our own country tend more to know better the city than we do sometimes.
I even don't know all the districts in Paris because of my daily routine always taking the same path , same train, Haven't got the time or curiosity to look around outside my district or nice place to chill in...

I ll probably try to find out myself and visit Paris too Wahahaha
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