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Forum Banner Submissions
hahaha I'm glad I went back to the first post and read the back-on online thing before I got started but still glad you guys finally said something XD
I'm going to do my first one this weekend, because I have a lot of graphics to make..my computer might not be so happy with me later..stupid laggy computer. looool
[Image: 28vuoad.jpg]
we have a batch? since when?
i´m very busy atm, but I´ll try something!
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
wow, i'm batch of '07. i feel special!! xD yay i'm glad you guys are willing to participate! i'm excited about this. thanks guys!!! i know everyones busy with their own thing and its just so nice y'all want to do this. show your BACK-ON love Lovelove

hey guys i looked through sesshy's past banner contributions and the measurements she had was 850x150 pix
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.

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