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BACK-ON's "flower" inspires Koda Kumi's "Just the Way You Are"?
I found this thread by winter_love00 on Jpopsuki about Koda Kumi's song "Just the way you are" which he/she said sounded like BACK-ON's flower.

Now, Koda Kumi is a pretty big name in Jpop, so this I *had* to listen into and can definitely confirm that the violin/string theme from BACK-ON's flower *is* used in her new song!

You can listen to it courtesy of cachamoto1 on Youtube

And if you really forgot what flower sounded like, here's the upload of the original by cesarpancho2


I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!!! Yaay Personally I think this is probably a good sign, since I know nothing about how musicians copyright parts of their song.
I never liked Koda Kumi.

Wtf! IT HAD TO BE HER?! *twitches*
I dunno what, perhaps the violin could be from a classical song, but if that violin is original for BACK-ON, I suggest get on the producer's butt on why they have it on THAT song.

yes....she gets annoyed when it involves with her....>__________>;;;;;
My favourite song by Koda Kumi is TABOO, but only because I've heard several remix or mash-up versions, which made me start liking the original. Apart from that and Cherry Girl, I can't really think any other Koda Kumi songs off the top of my head.

I do think 'flower' sounds a whole lot better than 'Just the way you are'.

* Flick is now slightly worried about making this post about Koda Kumi as it seems to be affecting Sesshy quite drastically...
Haha, don't worry about me now. I can avoid this easily. =D

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