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i know that it wasn't as good, it was hurried kinda.... and maybe ill post it tonight my time
oh and this is the one i promised.... i know its not really good but yuki asked!!!! (btw you can read them on facebook yuki.... just look in my notes.....)

You asked for a kiss
a simple kiss, a kiss of goodnight
before you escape to where thoughts fly
it was a mere jest; yet,
here your head is in my lap
my fingers playing in that dark mass of silky hair
looking at your peaceful figure
you face so gentle under the milky moon

My tears melt down my cheeks
they splash one by one onto yours
that sudden imperfection melt into a gentle harmony
under this full moon, this sparkling sky
we embrace yet soon we must fracture
our souls so different yet so the same
our bodies so bonded yet repelling against each other
the fateful night in which the moon;

Know these tears
these droplets, are not of sorrow but of compassion
compassion and pity and forgiveness mixed and blended
forming hope, hope for you and for the world
hoping that your forgiveness can change
change the people, the society, the world
in such a small way that it starts a ripple
a turn even in this creul world which you hate so much

Hope that you can forgive the world and forgive yourself
thats why i have come; i have planted the seed with my kiss
now i must vanish; it is your job to grow
whether to or not grow with my tears, the choice is yours

again i apologize if it sucks..... and ummmm since alot of people were asking me whether this poem is written for someone ill just answer right now that it was kinda.... not really..... it was just me and my friend (who's a guy btw) we were talking and he kept putting thoughts in my head (not the bad or perverted kind) more of how he was depressed from something or another, and how he hated the world and wanted to break it..... since i was in taiwan and i had jet-leg i dunno whether or not it was cuz of his words or just cuz i couldn't sleep i just had sudden inspiration to write..... and well the last part kinda looks like its written for him but the main idea is just cuz i couldn't sleep and ya i wanted to write
oh and heres another one just so yuki wont nag me anymore to post some, it was written for my book thing that was for school but i kinda got carried away.... the teacher said 5 chapters and i kinda made ten and each one was like 3 times the size as other peoples..... she was both impressed and kinda hated me cuz well she had to fold and staple all the pages together so it kinda resembles a book..... anyways here it is!!!!

Its presence looms over me
Piercing through my beating heart and soul
Under this deep crescent moon
Its blank deep eyes as deep as the pool in which it stands
Look right through me
My very existence feels like a book being read
His dark black eyes as dark as the endless abyss of twilight
It confines me and looks through my deepest desires
Bright light shines off its milky fur
The perfect being
Dark claws tear apart my restraining corpse and set my yearning soul free
Plunging into this pit of nothingness
In this chasm of stillness I catch a last glimpse
Even here his presence seeks me out
That looming figure past that screen of cracked glass
Granting me a place in the circle in which it lives
Endless cycles of life, death, birth, oppertunity
My vision clouds and I surrender myself
I wonder about these new ideas, these facts of enlightenment
Wonder if simple feeling like greed, envy, gluttony
Even joy and despair, if they really exist in this world
Wonder about the simplicity of this complex solitude filled with thousands of voices
Our being slowly merges into this pool
This pool in which a single droplet or an innocent dragonfly can cause a disturbance
Where all exists for the single meaning

the book i was writing was the sequel to ummm what do you call it ummmm ah touching spirit bear !!!! one of my favorite books!!!!
hahaha super long post!!!!!!
Hahaha! Nice post Ed Wink
I loved your poems!! They're soooooo cool! =)
Nice way to demostrate your feelings, my friend ^^


This is part of a duet that I made with my mom. She's also a poet but she's more pro than me xD hahaha.
I hope you like it...

Devil, take me
If I can't love her...
Lighting, electrocute me
If I can't be near to her...
Fire, burn me...
If I can't touch her smooth face...
World, fall down
If my love isn't pure...
Shadows, eat me
If she doesn't wanna know anything about me...
Sword, slice me
If I can't see her everyday...
Love, destroy me
If you want to see me dying...
Heaven, fall over me...
If I can't feel her.

Greetings ^^
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yay!!!! i dont feel so lonly now that someone else wrote somthing!!!!!! i like your poem alot yuki!!!! you seem to put so much more thought into yours!!!!! mine on the other hand are just things i write as i go along, not much planning just free expression which is why the topic swerves a bit towards the middle and i catch myself and try to make it incoporate into the original idea
wowww your poems got to me ><
no joke, and it's not helping that i'm listening to circa survive..
ughhh T^T
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who's poem got ta ya? mine? yuki's? both of ours? wow are you crying? then i would suppose mine, mine are alot more morbid.... yuki's is sad too but i still think mine are more morbid
oooo i wrote this poem out of boredome, depressed feelings, and love for back-on!

The explosion surrounds me
the waves vibrate through the air
every note and every beat echoes through my soul
as the words wash through my mind i start to feel
a little lighter on the inside, as if something
has been numbed, the pain taken away

The score in wich this song is played, is filled with deep
powerful meanings, my throbbing heart is silently brought to an ease
the darkness in my heart filled
with the images woven by their song
the riffs, the beat, the echo of their voice
take away slowly my pain

The chorus comes and leaves a deep footprint inside
this mind of which is tortured and this heart that has been broken
many times those lyrics sound that harmony plays
everytime taking me elsewhere
away from this silent abyss
the prison in wich im kept

This harmony of intricate melodies; that sweet voice
those beats becoming in sync with my heart
those words manipulating this broken soul
those notes carrying me towards that land
wich this song has created
and now i am finally free, away from that harsh reality
yet every song has its beginning chorus and end

the final refrain has started
the darkness pulls me back inch by inch
replacing the shackles that bind my spirit
that image, the dream i crave becomes blurry
with one final blast it dissapears
those last few chords straining to let me land softly
and now i am once more; consumed by the chasm of malice

i crave for that peace, that sancuary once more
wish to hide away in that sweet rhythm
my only escape from this mad world
this world in which i break my heart again and again
again and again, again and again
this arroyo void of feeling
i reach forth and play those songs again, hoping that this time
it will unshakle my decrepid wings and alow me to soar
into that clear blue sky

hehe stole the last line from chain or was that just the translation? i dunno but i remember it was somewhere from chain.... anyways im depressed these days so i apologize for all the morbid poetry, go read yuki's!!!!! they are alot better then mine. and also i apologize for the bad spelling.... i know i spelled which wrong several times!!! and just so you all know arroyo is not a word i made up its acuallly a word it kinda means barren land or dried up land
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I wanna thank Edward for sharing his poems to everyone.I really like the message on those creative words.

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hehe well your welcomes!!!!! what words? is it the footnotes i put on my poems? or did ya mean like how i explained arroyo?
Wow... I've only just seen this thread. I think it's safe to say we have a budding poet in our midst!

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