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Japanese TV
Is there a site that streams japanese tv / media?

Also, are there any good sites that have a lot of footage of japanese game shows? Those things are great haha.
Biiru o nomimasu!
there are..I just don't know them Tongue

I did finish GARO - the dark saviour.

Now I hate sentai shows cuz they always look dull, the fighting is soo on wires, the story is 13 in a dozen and the actors are boring and so are the dialogues.

GARO is a Japanese tokusatsu(something with adult themes and such) television series. It looks like a cheap soap/drama..for the first 10 minutes. But the fighting...the choreography is outstanding! the fighting is energetic and full of style (1 sword and dual swordfighting, even one with flags!). the CGI is something I've never seen in such a show and so detailed. The CGI fighting is also brilliant and cool (2 of them were falling and sliding of skyscrapers, glass everywhere! when they we're done he look at the skyscraper and you saw a burning and line of destruction on it! they even fight on a floating giant ring that flies over the sky!) The evil dudes "horrors" are very detailed and the bigger even more. The story is predictable but very much enjoyable. The actors are good and funny (there is even a american dude that fights very cool...but he doesn't have a voice Tongue although he knows english/japanese). The main actor..seriously I don't know why they didn't cast him for the death note movie! he may be just a bit too old for the arc with L, but he looks JUST like Light! really! a perfect match. the arc with N and M would suit him perfectly (I don't like the Light who plays in the movie, he's too chubby and...short).

the show contains mild nudity...not much and..death! people really get killed, and a lot these horrors aren't the wussies in sentai shows(where nobody dies, even when they destroy an entire cardboard city...). Even some you expect the least... They also bleed but it's CGI blood like in anime shows (sprays of blood). It looks fake but it does give it some seriousness.

the story revolves around saejima Kouga who is a Makai knight, who slays horrors. Kouga follows in the footsteps of his dad(saejima Taiga) and has the Title GARO(fanged wolf). When a young girl kaoru is hit by horror blood kouga must kill her or she dies a horrible way and end up in hell after 100 days. Kouga can't kill the girl and uses her as horror bait, meanwhile finding a cure. Later a second Makai knight suzuma Rei(ZERO) appears who thinks Kouga killed his beloved one.

25 episodes (around 25 minutes)
1 special about kaoru (around 25 minutes)
2 specials that end the garo season.( 2 times 50 minutes)

the soundtrack is made by TRYFORCE and Jam Project. the single GARO- the dark saviour from Jam Project is used for a lot of songs in the show. piano, violin, fast pace, slow paced. it really is a theme song. they made it zelda like, intro,you don't recognize it and suddenly, tadam! the music is good.

The series was created and chief directed by Keita Amemiya (Kamen Rider ZO, Zeiram). It is directed by Makoto Yokoyama (Power Rangers) and Kengo Kaji (Uzumaki). Although its nothing like kamen rider en power rangers.

dunno if this help just wanted to share Tongue sorry if it's not what yur looking for.
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I'm sure there are lots of japanese TV and game sites but i haven't try to visit at least one.If you find one kindly share it to me.Thanks.

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I don't know of one that actually streams this online, but I occasionally use a software (developed in Japan) called Keyhole TV that you can download and install - it gives you access (depending on if someone is 'hosting' the stream) to various radio stations and also TV channels. Luck of the draw, but it's a really small program that does what it says on the tin without the bloat Smile
Yea I download that one already, it's pretty decent. The audio is awesome and the video is tolerable! Thanks for the heads up!
Biiru o nomimasu!

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