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BACK-ON "flyaway" out on January 28th 2009!
thx for the news sesshy ! waa the covers are awesome I'm gonna order it asap ( it will be my second christmas gift ) limited Edition OMG can't wait for this brand new single !
Did you see the "demo PV" in the official page?
Can't wait for Flyaway!!! I'm almost dying for the single...
I'll see where can I preorder it =)
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They put up the demo now? *runs to see*

.............the song is amazing...I am so happy I got the limited edition. *squee* Watch out New World, you might have competition! xD

I might end up dancing like Teeda in this picture http://stat001.ameba.jp/user_images/9b/8...299984.jpg when I get my single XDDD
Woot!! Big Grin Thanks loads for the news, Sesshy! I miss Kenji03 with the glasses but am really liking Gori's new style. I just wish we can see LARGER images of the cover or group photo (they really should start putting larger images on BACK-ON.com) but I definitely agree they are awesomely wonderful!

@Yuki: I watched the PV (on repeat!) Wow... I am so so looking forward to watching it in full.

@Sesshy: If the songs are as great as New World, it definitely will have some competition! I wonder also if the limited edition will have the normal cover underneath...

Oh and according to BACK-ON's website (if I haven't misread it), where is the future? is the ED for the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 game!

Last but not least, I accidentally found the lyrics to what appears to be the WHOLE single (!!!) on a website called 'goo'. I have no idea if they are correct or not, but the first few lines certainly seem to be the words for the clip from the PV demo on their website!

Could this 'leak' be the first sign that BACK-ON are becoming BIG?!? Especially as CDJapan has sold out of their limited edition!


where is the future?

*watches PV* *faints* I think that is going to be my favorite Tales opening song.

@Flick: where is the future? is indeed the ending. Kinda odd since most of the games don't have ending songs. :'D But I'm happy with that since I'll be able to hear it when I beat the game.

I also want bigger pictures since I've been in a Back-on iconing mood for a few days.

EDIT: Just noticed the my sister has the same jacket as Kanji03 but her's is gray. lol
It's already sold out?!?! *goes looks at YesAsia now* YesAsia is still available! I am hoping too that the regular cover is on the limited edition too, but I kinda doubt it. UVERworld was different too with their limited edition, but I dunno yet. xD; But like I said, if anyone gets the regular cover, SCAN IT! And I shall make a wallpaper out of it! Big Grin

I think they're gonna post bigger pictures on their myspace like they did on their YES!!! album. I'm gonna make another batch of icon and sig for me! xD
OMFG! this flyaway song seems awesome I can't wait for the single and the PV full version ! Yup there're still available I've ordered my copy yesterday *___* !
I'm going to scan it when I the cd will be home no sesshy *___*
Dahhh I'm gonna look for this PV it must be available somewhere !
I'm addicted to the chorus - xD

BACK-ON, Flyaway > The sky is waiting !
Mmm... YesAsia still have it. I guess I'll pre-order it from there :B
And I guess I'll be ordering this CD and Blaze Line/A Day Dreaming Single =)
[Image: oRHRbtl.jpg]
• Facebook: @MineCruzado
• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
They updated their myspace now. Bigger pictures are there! Looks like I'll make a wallpaper then, ne? It is now January, meaning THIS MONTH! xD 27 more days!
oh right, i figured out why its called "tales of" rather then just "tales" version. some of you probably already figured it out but to those who dont get it then the reason is cuz there's like a long series of games all unrelated to each other of course but they all begin with tales of.... like tales of synphonia, tales of rebirth tales of phantasia etc. tales of the world is like if you take a big pot and tossed in random characters from all the tales of games. when i was whatching the trailer for tales of the world i was like wth is the main character from tales of synphonia doing there? so i looked into it.

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