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Back-on Yes! CD review volunteer
I'm willing to volunteer to review the CD except I don't have a copy of it so I'd need someone to hook me up with that.

Being a a musician for 8 years and having a good musical knowledge through listening to all sorts of genres I feel I could provide a good in depth review of each song and the album as a whole.

Let me know, thanks! Smile
Biiru o nomimasu!
I wouldn't mind volunteering as well since you guys knows I'm an obsessed J-music fan XD However, I am not sure when I'll get my album.
Thanks for volunteering to write a review for YES!!! Smile I've run out of words for 'appreciated' but it is indeed appreciated (as are the efforts of other members on the Forums for their contributions so far!)

I was quite worried that no one would volunteer, but I am very happy to say that we now have 4 volunteer reviews coming up ^^ Hope everyone else is as excited as I am about what they all have to say!
I have a question though. Do we write a review for EACH song; or just the new/mixed songs? Or just review all at once about the album?
I think, it will just be a review for the whole album but if there is a song which particulary move you, you can talk a lot about it xD ! Am I wrong ? or the 2 possibility are ok ? ( unsure ~)
Sowon-nii is a MIND reader! (or am I just shallow??? :p)

It is very flexible in terms of how/what you'd like to write the review really Wink So long as it's not just one word per song.

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