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BACK-ON's Collaborations - NEW Forum!
This may have been spotted already by some of the forum peeps, but here's the official announcement:

A brand new forum section: BACK-ON's Collaborations has been created!

The new area, dedicated to threads about BACK-ON's work outside of BACK-ON, has come about due to Sowon and Ookami, although I think it's safe to reveal that ichi and myself showed our approval with YAY! Wahahaha

So for chit-chats about BAReeeeeeeeeeN, the G.F.S collab (Taneuma - amazing song) and many more other things (like Teeda's own contribution to some mix CDs) this is the place to go!

Hope you all enjoy posting in the new section! Yaay
G.F.S collaboration? I'll search it up when i get home
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
You can listen to the new remix of 'Taneuma' from the link on this thread! Smile


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