November 12th, can they make it with Yes!!! ?
I'm not sure
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Is the November 12th album 'Yes!!!' for real?
[Image: disc_yes.jpg]

Now that I've waved the red flag in front of the bull (inc. myself) I just wanted to ask (since I'm a little slow): How long has BACK-ON's new album been called Yes!!! on CDjapan?

This is supposed to be the jacket/album cover! Is anyone else also thinking 'omg, GReeeeN!' influence rather than our usual 'BACK-ON'? It's still looking a lot simpler than I expected though.

According to the notes, it's supposed to include at least 8 of BACK-ON's best singles and also Ashiato and Color and will be priced at 2600 yen.

There's less than three weeks before the supposed release date, yet there's no news on the Official website so far. What does everyone think? Smile Please do participate in the poll, it's due to expire the day before the actual release date.

And last but not least from, could this be their new group promotion look!?:
[Image: yes_promo_pic.jpg]
I said "No".

I'll explain why:
It contains 8 of their best singles plus ashiato and colors. Now that ain't a problem but It means there won't be any new songs on it...
Ofcourse the fans will buy it, but frankly it's nothing "new". I don't think they will reach a new audience with this album.

It may contain Hikari Sasahou FK metal...and I did said i would pre-order the pre-order but...if there are no new songs on it...I won't pay 50 euro for it (import and everything).

I may sound negative...but frankly i'm a bit disappointed..
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
I won't be happy neither if there's nothing new as well, UNLESS how like UVERworld did their album: "Proglution" by doing album mix with the songs completely different but awesome, then I would be truly into it then. Usually most artist does album mix, add 3 or 4 new songs, remixes, interlude and such. That's what I'm hoping for with Back-On's album. Don't fail us now!

Also, I can't decided on the poll, so my answer is: "I am not sure."
I agree with you guys ( it's been a long time btw - I'm home for 1 week T__T //)
How come we have to wait so long to have new songs or just news from BACK-ON seriously; I won't be happy if their "new album" which will be "again" postpone only contains songs we all already know >< ! BACK-ON please do sth about that !!!
Thanks everyone for your replies! Big Grin I guess I should have rephrased the question to:
Quote:Will BACK-ON really release their first album on November 12th or will we have to wait yet again?

I have just found what seems to be the tracklisting on which you can see below, and here's the two pieces of good and bad news.

The bad news is that the Hikari Sasuhou featured in this album (it seems, anyway, since nothing official has been announced we can't be 100% sure) is listed as 'NEW WORLD ver.' which I can only assume to mean the one from the New World album. Why (Sorry, Dean!)

The good news, however, is that there are (apparently): Wee
  • 14 songs in total on the album (a *Much* better deal than 10)
  • There is a new song and there are several remixes (LA Mix) included!
(as mentioned by Dean, Sesshy and Sowon!)

This is the list I'm going by at the moment:

Quote:1. 果てなき道へ(LA mix)
2. flower(LA mix)

4. Sands of time
5. Butterfly
8. a day dreaming...
9. そのままで(NEW ver.)
10. ヒカリサスホウ(NEW WORLD ver.)
11. Chain(LA mix)
13. color(LA mix)
14. 足跡(LA mix)

I've put what I think are the really important songs to us in bold, because I have to agree with everyone's comments so far: it would be bitterly disappointing for fans if BACK-ON came out with an album with just songs from their existing singles (since quite a few of us at least one CD) and I daresay I'd feel ripped off if that were the case!

However, with the new (potentially true) tracklist available, have your thoughts changed? I'm still a little sad that the FK metal ver. (full) of Hikari Sasuhou is not listed, even if this tracklisting isn't correct, but the thought of a new song and the remixes are encouraging.

Aside from the fact that I am wondering why they are called LA mix, I have to wonder whether the remixes will be as good as the original.
For instance, I preferred the original 'Drive' more than 'Drive (Shutokou remix)'

Anyway, have your thoughts changed with this possibly true revelation? Am really looking forward to reading some more comments! Sparklies

p/s: Welcome back, Sowon! ^^
Chain LA mix sounds very very interesting.
New version sounds very very interesting.

no...F-FK metal...w-why...?...n-no...O_O...
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
Not sure about it...
I'll just have to wait and listen. xP
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]
At last,new album... yay,my wish came true... A flower remix.Smile
[Image: RT.gif]

BACK-ON is my favourite band!!!
oh boy look at that cover *_*
i'm gonna preorder it i can't wait to hear the new song and the remixes

...............What the "F" with the cover
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