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Hajime no Ippo
Well since no one else had put this up I thougt I would.Hajime no Ippo is a sports anime that is about boxing thats right boxingBoxingIt's a good anime the suspense of the matches will leave you on the edge of your seat.At first it starts out kinda slow but after the first match you'll be hooked.
Is this a very old anime? I vaguely recall its name on the 'most under-rated list' on ANN at one point.
Yea it was made around 2000 but there is a new season coming out on January 2009.At first it looks kinda old but it starts to look really good in the later episodes.
This anime is really under rated, first few episodes are what make most people stray away from this anime.
Such a huge gap between the two seasons?!? What happened there?

I guess the thing with good anime is that once you get into a good story, it really compensates for the animation ^^ Having said that, I'm still not sure about Kanon 2002 though, since I've watched Kanon 2006, I just can't bear to watch the 2002 version. I wonder it will be the case for Hajime no Ippo.


Didn't realise the series was licensed. Going to have to try and watch a few episodes online first and see how it goes. Would you recommend skipping the first couple though, seeing as they put people off? Heh
Well yea you may want to skip to about episode 8 thats when he starts to get his pro license and starts his first real match.If the site you go to has it as licensed you can go here for all the episodes and both the movies.As far as the art goes I doubt it will change to much(at least i hope it won't).
I watched it for a little while.
It was pretty cool, I just kinda forgot about it and stopped watching it. lol
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]
Thanks for the link to Crunchyroll, Blackking14 Smile

@Jace: This sort of happened to me for Heroes, except I didn't quite forget about it, but couldn't quite bring myself to find out what happens ^^;

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