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Get Smart, Three Kingdoms, Shaolin Girl, Baby Mama on the plane
Get Smart
Featuring Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock!) I wasn't expecting too much from this film (turns out it's a remake of an earlier film), but seeing as it had a good cast, and Anne Hathaway was really good in Devil Wears Prada, I decided to risk it, and it turned out to be very enjoyable!

Steve Carell is, put simply, great as the key 'agent' who rescues the damsel/the situation, and there are some unforgettable scenes in the film. A true case of where 'geek' (disguised) wins hands down over the usual 'action, action, action'.

Great banter (if a little clumsy and predictable at times) and genuinely funny (I got weird looks on the plane but didn't care) I can really recommend it if you're just looking for a light-hearted film.

Shaolin Girl
This is a Japanese film about a (Japanese) girl who returns from the Shaolin Temple in China to revive her grandfather's dojo, and ends up playing Lacrosse. Not quite sure what tempted me to watch this; perhaps the other Japanese film was too serious/sombre.

Although there were some good parts that really made me think "hey, this is a great film!", "the other parts don't seem so bad", "I can live with this wooden acting...really" and "Shaolin Soccer move!", towards the end, someone clearly made an executive decision that the plot should go 'this way' and it ended in a flurry and badly.

Some of the actor/actresses really need to go and learn what NOT to do (e.g. the wobbly chin, pursed lips and 'nod of determination' action is actually VERY DIFFICULT to pull off) but the CGI was very impressive. Not sure why the story faltered in parts and was so good in others (they need to fire the ones who wrote the crap parts) Ultimately it became messed up because they tried to combine too many elements into the film - lacrosse, teamwork, football, kungfu, revival of dojo, evil baddie character - clearly a bad mix.

p/s: Final gripe is, if you're going to get a Shaolin monk to speak Chinese, please get someone who can actually do it to say it, otherwise it's just a form of torture to the audience.

Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon
Featuring Andy Lau, Sammo Hung and Maggie Q.
After the disaster of Shaolin Soccer, I was a little reticent about another Asian film, but you know, these three actors/actresses have been in acting for years, but ever since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I've been a little adverse to these 'big budget' films.

And this was surprisingly good! It turned out that the film pretty much had an all-star cast (inc. the supporting characters) but it certainly didn't feel very epic at the end, but it did depict some of the history very well (I certainly would like to read up about it more) Ultimately a little dry as one could quite easily have paused the film midway, but there were some excellent battle scenes as well as interaction.

I was impressed that Andy Lau doesn't seem to look as old as he is (make up does wonders!) and it was nice to see Sammo Hung back in front of the cameras. Maggie Q had the most awesome hairstyle at one point (I'd LOVE to be able to have that hair!) even though I was wondering if one of the reasons she was cast was to ensure that the film would have a female lead in the posters.
Shaolin Soccor a disaster? Tongue I thought it was quite good Big Grin Three kingdoms sounds interesting. Sammo Hung is a great actor Big Grin. I watched his english cop show (sammo law or something?) many years back. The last ep I saw was when he fell down from a helicopter...Do u know what happened to him in the show?

Do u like Asian movies Flick? my brother has a collection aswell. If u wanna see a good asian movie you have to see Hero and 7 swords, and ofcourse the best japanese movies ever, Natural City (brilliant movie, best jmovie I know) and Casshern (when the "the back horn" kicks in with their song when casshern fights against an army of robots is mindblowing!), Dead or Alive (brilliant action) and another movie i don't remember the name but it beat the hell out of american type movies. What I remember is that it's about a group of 4 or 5 that rob a bank, then have to hide in appartment building and take hostages. Then negotiators and the police are trying to get them..but the baddies are too smart and try to sympathize with the people, or something like that..I'll look it up. It's one of the better movies I've seen.

UPDATE: the movie is called "Breaking News". Found out after a 2-hour search lolz...
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
I really liked Shaolin Soccer (Big Grin) but this attempted sequel is only something you should watch if you really have nothing else to do and want to see how bad sequels can be.

I do remember that show being really popular (Sammo Hung's) but unfortunately they kept showing it on Channel 5 in the UK (I think), and because of where I lived, I could never get it on the TV. Sorry I can't help you with what happened to him, Dean. >_<

Thanks for the list of Asian movies. I am a huge fan of HK movies actually, but do tend to only watch the martial arts/comedy ones from the 90s, rather than the more recent films (showing my age here Heh) I'm sure I read a recommendation for Casshern before (probably one of the forum posts here) and watched it late one night; it kind of scared me what with all those umm... bodies :p I'll have to watch it again during the day.
I do plan to watch Hero at some point this week though (managed to borrow the DVD) because I Wub Jet Li and Maggie Cheung!

I'll be sure to check out Natural City, Dead or Alive and Breaking News. Whip
Shaolin Soccer was one of the funniest movie I seen from overseas. The way it was done and the jokes cracked me up the entire time especially the girl when she tried to help out the team in the end and went on the wrong goal post.

Sing: Well, this is a soccer game! This isn't a war!
Golden Leg Fung: The final soccer game is a war.

Sing to Mui: Go back to Mars earth is not safe for you

LOL. This movie had me rollin the entire time. It was dumb and funny all in all. If you haven't seen Shaolin Soccer then watch it.
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I've seen Shaolin Soccer and do like it! Smile Apparently there was a clip that didn't actually make the cinema version but was included in the DVD version (or something like that) that I find hilariously funny when the 'action' starts. Take a look:


Also known as 'Shaolin Soccer Dance'.

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