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More smilies!
I'm sure everyone has already spotted the (huge) array of new smilies that are now available, but we really have to thank Ichiban, Ookami and Sesshy for doing all the research and picking the best smilies for us to use! Big Grin

To give you an idea:
Wahahaha Umm Wee Saru-odoru Congratulations! Fangirl/boy nosebleed Mantou Benkyou Heyyou Lovelove Sparklies Stress Yaay Whip Why Heh Boxing Sob Pon Yeah
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA there shall be more!
Such a cute and scary thought. Sweatdrop
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
Guess who has a myspace --> Me!
Guess who has a facebook --> Me again!
LOL! Big Grin Yes, indeed ^^ I think they add a lot to the forum!
Note: Sesshy likes to be evil sometimes...or how you want to it say it cute: "ebil"
Maybe we should look for a smiley that goes from cute->evil or vice-versa Tongue
I like em. >:'D
Engrish lol
[Image: frwedomvu8.jpg]
Glad you do, Jace! Big Grin And thanks for taking the time to let us all know too! Wub

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