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Happy Birthday to Max!
I know it's been a while since we've seen Max online, but everyone must remember her? Smile Hope you have a really happy birthday today, max!Thumbup
max BDay ? lool been a while since I saw her online anyway Happy BDay Max !! ( hope ur coming back soon )
*late once again* belated happy bday max!!
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
van hurtuh gefeliciteerd max (nvr seen her though...)
Rafe Blake:"NO WAY, was that my cameo?"
Rafe Blake:"REALLY?"
Kenji:"Well, you "are" a minor character..unlike me"
Rafe Blake:"MINOR?"
Teeda:"That's what he said, bro. Besides at least you can "fly away"."
Kenji:"haha! good one! haha!"
Alas she hasn't been online for a while, but she did write some very interesting things if you want to read back on posts Smile

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