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File Requests
(01-06-2009, 05:04 AM)Yuki Wrote: And... well Flick, you won't need to consider it. Thanks to ppl like XxFaustxX and Edward, the forums seems more active so, new ppl could post and share with us. =) Now the "100 post barrier" doesn't seems too much =)

Glad to read that you agree Wink And congratulations on reaching 100+ posts!

Great to have you both as new members on BOO! Pon Yeah
yay!!!!!..... what do you mean "as new members on BOO" that hurts Flick, we weren't acually members? thats just a cold thing to say Umm Boxing dodge this!!!!! i agree with yuki, this is a great place!!!!! but if we acually really really did want a song or album that was missing from your perfect archive/shrine, where would we post? btw just kidding about the thing before Sparklies *look at the small battering hammer behind him hehe....... Heyyou!!!!!!!!!!
(01-09-2009, 03:19 PM)Edward Wrote: yay!!!!!..... what do you mean "as new members on BOO"

Mmmm... have you considered that we're REALLY NEW on BOO!?
We've just registered before the last year ends... so you've to realize that you're NEW, just like me x3

But I'm ok with being n00b, hahaha.
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well acually i joined the first day of october, thats about two months..... while as you joined in december.... i just havn't done much until now..... i dont mind though, just like arguing, its one of my things
I do mean "new" in the nicest way possible Wink And I definitely don't mean 'n00b' ... maybe I should just say "really active' instead ^^ 100 posts in a really short period of time is seriously something though!!!
hehe thats cuz i have no life, stuck doing chinese homework now.....
xDDD I probably have no life xD
I'm in 20 communities aprox.
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• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
omg i'm only in active in 5 communities I think > You guys must have more free time than I have !
i only have this one cuz i dont like anyother ones
reading through all this, i'm glad there's no objections. I wouldn't want to lower the required post count because of the slow posting, and then turn around and raise it once the forums become active again. >.< that'd be annoy to us and to those trying to reach the goal.
(\ /)
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