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File Requests
In case some of you haven't noticed, we've set a new rule for requesting songs on the forums. Since there have been quite a few members posting only to ask for songs and never coming back we've decided to come up with this.

A member can only request a file if they have at least 100 posts. Once they reach that number, they can post in the appropriate forum and ask for the song they want. If they post without meeting requirements, the post will be deleted and their account maybe banned without warning.

And now it's time for me to zip. Mods, make any changes needed!
(\ /)
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Thanks ookami Smile The BOO forums were not setup for people to just join and request files, so hopefully this will make our policy crystal clear.

Any questions, please do post. ^^
Seems too much for me :\
Why? Because almost nobody post frequently here.
I come everyday in search of new replies, but even in my Introduction, only Dean gave me the welcome U_U
Don't you think it's a little too much when the forums are that inactive? I won't double post to get quickly to 100 :\

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ah well it's a bit on the quiet side nowadays. Usually there is enough activity Sad still wating for some peeps to post stuff Tongue
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(12-09-2008, 06:28 AM)Dean Wrote: ah well it's a bit on the quiet side nowadays. Usually there is enough activity Sad still wating for some peeps to post stuff Tongue
I'm waiting too :\
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sorry for my absence. senior year is kicking my butt lol. anywho, i miss you guys. i can't wait for the next back-on album! i'm really hoping there's gonna be chain or new world-ish songs in there cuz those are the songs that i fell in love with.

as for the file requests and filling out the 100 quota, it wasn't really much for getting members more active, its more about weeding the moochers out from the real fans =) we just got so many people who make their first post as "can i have the *insert back-on album here*"

side note, if i sound mean, i'm not trying to be. just stating facts. and if you need a back-on song feel free to ask me! i'm ok with these stuff as long as its not abused lol. btw, yuki is my seme of choice. luv luv gravi xD
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Lol, well my excuse is 'work' and 'public transport'. By the time I get back from work, all I want to do is warm up some dinner, eat it whilst checking my e-mail or watching some brainless programme (preferably educational but by the time I get back there's not much choice) and then just relax into bed, so apologies for not being around much recently!

Dean is right though - there is usually a fair bit of activity around - but I'm going to assume that people are busy with final year thing things (like Ichi/ookami/sesshy etc.) or intensive courses (like Sowon) and the run up to Christmas as well. It's very nice to have new members to spur us into more activity though!

However, re: file requests - I don't think I need to add more to ichi's explanation as to the 100 post limit. Maybe we will consider revising it in the future, but at the moment I still believe it to be a reasonable target to aim for with more activity around *fingers crossed* over the holiday period. ^^
(12-17-2008, 03:15 PM)ichi Wrote: btw, yuki is my seme of choice. luv luv gravi xD
What a fabulous side note, Ichi xD

And... well Flick, you won't need to consider it. Thanks to ppl like XxFaustxX and Edward, the forums seems more active so, new ppl could post and share with us. =) Now the "100 post barrier" doesn't seems too much =)
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yay!!!! im mentioned!!!!! although faust isn't here these days.... dunno why....
im only at about 50 now i guess, btw im not frantically posting to getfree songs, i really do like this forum. i used to like this other forum in a tribe thing in a game but my tribe got disbanded *sad.... quit the game after being in two tribes wich were both disbanded!!!!! it would be nice to get some of the songs i dont have yet though... YUKI!!!!! HOW COULD YOU VOTE FOR SHU!!!!!! I DEMAND A RECOUNT IN WHICH YOU WILL VOTE FOR ICCHAN!!!!!! oh srry did i post all that in capitals? guess my finger kinda sliped... hehe
hmmm wondering how people read hehe, do they read it as hee hee or heh heh or just H, then E then H then E again....
still i demand a revote!!!!! after which i shall hack into all your computers so that only the select few that i bribed and those that acually like icchan can vote!!!!!! btw im refering to the which back-on member is your favorite thread
Yeah, I know Edward hehe. But my favorite is Shu X_X
So, don't kill me *o* I also like Icchan, but Shu wins over the rest *o*

=================== (Back into the post) ============

I don't expect to get free songs either. I'm just posting because I feel part of the community right now :\
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