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"Sands of Time" + Keitai Sousakan 7 Discussion!
ack i don't like it. maybe the full version will be better. then again first impressions never go well with me; by the time i get home and download it i might like it.
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Really? I need to watch it when I can get a hold of it. I thought this would boost up Back-On's music a lot if the drama hits big. o.o usually, I think mostly people just watches it because of cute famous known actors/actresses

But since it's a single....wouldn't there be 2-3 more songs adding onto it? Lets not give-up hope for the other songs they might onto it that can be more rock as well. I like Sands of Time because there's some certain beats with the guitar I like on it. Pop/rock whatever they play, I still love them!
*agrees with sesshy* though i do hope back-on release a full album soon instead of just singles...
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ookami Wrote:o.o no!! I was hoping KS7 would be a big hit! I'd like to watch it myself to see why it didn't air so well. I hope everyone was just busy that night >.<

Sesshy Wrote:Really? I need to watch it when I can get a hold of it. I thought this would boost up Back-On's music a lot if the drama hits big. o.o usually, I think mostly people just watches it because of cute famous known actors/actresses

Same here. Although according to Icchan's Back-on blog entry everyone from BACK-ON will be watching the second episode! Apparently the ratings climbed 0.1% to 3.8% for this particular episode though, so I guess that is good news!
Some people have said that maybe it's because the phone isn't really female-friendly, but the story is (again) pretty decent/more than passable.

Am downloading the chinese sub of the first episode at the moment. It will be in traditional chinese if anyone is interested? Smile

ps/: I'm not 100% sure the actors/actresses are particularly famous (just the director?) but apparently they've all been in one drama or another. I'm surprised though that this drama hasn't really been a big topic of discussion on the major jdorama forums, although I wonder if it's because it's been button-holed/boxed into a 'techie-big-bangs-and-flashes' kind of drama? Like how if I hadn't read that Transformers was actually more than just 'big robots' I wouldn't bother watching it (I haven't yet, but I plan to!)

Maybe they need more rom-com! Tongue
i'm interested and curious in seeing the chinese version

transformers? well they say they're "more than meets the eyes" Tongue
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Ok I finished watching episode 01 the other day (with the chinese subs) and can assure you that if they keep it up/make it better, the ratings are SURE to increase from the miserly 3.x%! Big Grin

I think it's so so much better than Shinjuku Swan - the actors can really acts for a start! OK, there are one or two scenes that are more than just super corny/cheesy, but you've got to expect a couple of scenes to make it abit moving. Have to applaud the lead actors in particular for doing so well Big Grin and the whole show not always taking itself too seriously.

One of the reasons I don't watch alot of dramas is because whilst I can't act, I find professionally paid actors who can't do the acting extremely annoying. It wasn't the case here (but was in Shinjuku Swan) I really hope someone does sub it soon for everyone else ^^ Episode 2 has just been released by SubPig so I'm off to retrieve it.

@aoi: I've included the torrent for the first episode below, so you can take a look Smile

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Here's their cover:

[Image: 10059376038.jpg]
the official release is 5/21. I like the blue dust for some reason xDD
sweet a month till the release huh? can't wait to see what other songs are on it... and if there aren't any then... WTF!!!!!

i like the blue sand too but whats with the multi coloured statue?
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The cover art is SWEEEET! Haha.SweatdropI must get the single. The song sounds awesome so far!
^Yes Ugly! But...it's cool, right? Cuz BACK-ON's in there. (Smiles stupidly)
Thanks for the news, sesshy! Big Grin Lol, after weeks of guessing, it's actually different from what I expected. Haha, go Icchan for posting it ^^ It's more umm.. 'vector'(?) than I expected and I didn't expect the statue/darkness of the album cover, still, it makes me really look forward to the other songs on the single though. And yeah aoi, if they don't have any, I'll be like Grrr... ^^

p/s: Play-asia is now stocking it ^^

p/s2: (later on) I'm happy to say that apparently a group called TV Nihon will be subbing the show. News Post
Alas the news post doesn't say much, but someone posted on the forums at D-addicts about iit.

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