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Anime Matsuri 2008
Because I was going to stay with a friend, and that's all good.

But my mom would have to do four trips, and gas is expensive now, so I don't want to make her drive that much.

And my mom might also want to go to the beach this weekend. DX
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I hope everyone had fun at the convention! It's really weird to think one was going on and I wasn't there. ; ;

But I went to corpus yesterday, and on my way up I saw a billboard that said 'Ichiban', i thought it was cool. X3
Let’s go! Take off the chains! Spread your wings! Towards the blue world!
Hope you had a good time whatever you were doing, Beros! Big Grin I heard that AM was really fun this year (as well) but haven't read up on what everyone has said yet. Hopefully Ichi or ookami will come on and let you know the details ^^
i'll post about my weekend. its really long so you'll have to bear with me. xD
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
I don't think length is really an issue here :p
lol. u asked for it flick! i shall post them by days. starting with Thursday:


Hi hi! Its been awhile since I last posted. To recap my spring break I volunteered at Anime Matsuri which was held in the Marriott Hotel in the Woodlands. So, I got to the Marriott Thursday afternoon around 4:00. Chanel (ookami), my bro, and I went to the third floor just like we were instructed to, to report to the volunteer lounge. We got there and dropped our bags off then went roaming around the mall because they told us they don’t need us till 5:30 or so. So we went around the mall with another volunteer, Christine. Then we decided to head back to the hotel and on the way we met up with Brittany. We went back to the hotel, checked with the guy manning the table in the volunteer lounge and he told us to check back with them around 6:30 or so. We went around the hotel. Brittany stole a bottle of Dr. Pepper and Chanel and I stole some peppermints from this one room (haha I know we’re a bunch of cheap-asses!). Anyway, we ran across Marc, the volunteer director, and a bunch of volunteers touring the hotel so we joined them. During the tour we were split up and we ended up in the first floor of the convention center then the other group came back. We played duck duck goose to get everyone comfortable with all the volunteers. I have to admit, it was my first time playing so I didn’t know what to expect. Well it was fun. They tagged me three times. I must look pretty slow >.< The first and second time I was able to get away but the third… well the there was a damn box in the circle and I had to dodge it so the guy tagged me! Boo! You’re not supposed to tag the ichi! Anywho, there were plenty of cute guys volunteering. I have a couple of pictures of so called cute guys but since some of our members are avid PZ goers they might know who I’m talking about here… hehe, I’d like to keep my anonymity. Anywho, moving on; they had the volunteers help out with the early badge pick up. It took about two and a half hours sorting through the badges, putting lanyard, and organizing them. We started handing the badges out at around 10:00 p.m. and the people were pretty cranky, having waited for it for a good hour or so but we got them handed out and the volunteers hanged around the volunteer lounge to wait for our rooming assignments. Brittany T. and Brittany L. (nearsgrl) were nice enough to run to mcdonald’s to get some food since the mall has closed. We ate while guarding boxes and boxes of pocky, ramune, calpico drinks, and other Japanese snacks for the maid café. We finally got our assigned rooms at around 12:00. We had about six people in the room and our room was in the 14th floor. My roommates and I took showers and got ready for bed. We were unceremoniously kicked out of our hotel rooms by the Marriott hotel staff saying something about some misunderstanding with Anime Matsuri and that they needed our rooms back so Marc, the volunteer director, told us to go to another hotel room. There were already about 8 girls in there so we were a bit cramped. I guess we were a bit too loud because the horrid hotel staff came back and told us that 6 of us need to leave the room because there’s too many people. Elcyd, my brother, and I went to the volunteer’s lounge since that seemed to be the only place we could sleep. Three of the volunteers have happily secured the closet which is carpeted by the way and one of them told me that they still have a bit of room in there. I dragged my friend Elcyd and my brother in there since atleast the closet was carpeted and we had pillows and blankets stolen from the hotel rooms (hey, they took us out of the rooms, its only right that we steal their pillows and blankets…). So at first there were 6 people in the room but two more girls came into the closet so we had a grand total of 8 people in the closet. Four girls and four guys. Lets just say we had loads of fun in there. We talked too much, laughed too much, and didn’t do much sleeping. 5:30 a.m. I decided there’s no point in sleeping so I got out of the closet and got ready. Marc, the volunteer director, didn’t sleep a wink and was working on the volunteer’s schedules. I found out that I would be working my first shift in the registration table for Friday morning.

After getting ready, I reported to the registration tables and I got to man the superpass line (I later found out that I had the hardest job out of all the registration volunteers). I have to say, I was very proud of how AM handled registration this year. Once we got started, it was very quick and con goers were able to get their badges and enjoy the con. My shift lasted from 7:30 till 11:00. Let me tell you something about the last hour of your shift… it takes friggin forever to get done!! I swear to god, it was like eternity till that clock struck 11. I was dead on my feet because of starvation since I didn’t get to eat breakfast and had absolutely no sleep the night before but I was still having a blast. When I finally got off my shift, me and my friends ran to the mall and got some food (finally!). Oh meh jeebus!! You should’ve seen the faces of the people in the mall when they got a glimpse of us cosplayers! They had O.o look and some of them even came up to ask us why we were dressed like that. Hahahaa. I was wearing a black and red tutu with my I love jrock shirt and spiked my hair and wore my boots. A couple of my friends wore school girl outfits and old dudes seemed to like that >.< After eating we went back to the convention and checked out the dealer’s room and bought some stuff. Dealer’s room did not have that much vendors due to the fact that Anime Matsuri was happening at the same time as Anime Boston so I didn’t get to buy a Team L shirt or fake lashes! I did get to buy this really cute phone charm and this really cute.. uh I don’t know how to describe it but its really cute! I spent most of my money on food. Anywho, my maid café shift started at 9:00 that night and I finally got to wear my maid outfit! I was one of the extremely few that actually fit in the maid outfits. A lot of the maids wore either a small or a medium but somehow most of the outfits came in large so the uniforms looked like tents on them. They had to safety pin and tie the apron up to keep the outfit from sliding off their shoulders. Anyways, I didn’t expect the maid café to be so busy! People just kept coming and coming. The refrigerator didn’t even have time to cool the drinks before people snatched it up. My job was mainly to get the drinks from the refrigerator and to tell the customers how much stuff cost. We had to relocate the maid café around midnight downstairs in front of the rave so people can buy stuff. Once I got off shift (around 2 a.m.) I went straight to the rave cuz there is no way I am missing that! The rave was… wow.. amazing! The dj played crazy songs and one of them was Flo Rida’s Low and Crank dat Souljaboy. It was crazy I tell you. After awhile, the dj started playing songs that aren't really danceable so we decided to go back to our packed hotel room (meji was extra nice enough to let us into her room since the hotel took ours away .__.). That was around 4:00 a.m. and some of us had early shifts that morning starting at 7:30. So we got back into the room, cleaned up, then hit the sack. Lets just say that a couple of volunteers were late to their shifts. Elcyd and me didn't start our shifts in the maid cafe till later and for that I was greatful...

Elcyd and I ran to the mall to get some food for us and a couple of volunteers who were stuck in registration. The mall was full of cosplayers again, especially in the foodcourt. I swear, people are so leary of japan loving people. They view us as weirdos or something. I guess we are to some degree but they need to be more open minded. Some stared, some laughed (so rude! i wanted to go back and smack the living crap out of them). Anywho, walking back and forth from the mall to the hotel was really taking a toll on me. I havnt had that much exercise in awhile and it was agony on the feet! Let me tell u, walking in heels or boots back and forth like that was no fun at all. Add the sun which was beating on us the whole way. So after taking the food to the volunteers and eating I had to change into my maid outfit again since my shift starts from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and i had a break from 3:00 to 4:00 but i went and worked anyway because the maids were being swamped. I had to miss the j fashion show and i weep now because i heard that it was awesome. Anyway, after my shift I pretty much didn't have much to do so I just roamed around the con and ended up spending my last couple of hours sitting in the hotel room just talking with friends because nothing much was happening. Then at 9:45 pm me, my bro, and sis went out to get picked up by the mom. The mom freaked when she saw my hair and i just sorta tuned her out all the way home. I was still high from the convention giddiness. All in all, though there were mess ups during the con, it only added to the great experience. I also got to meet great people. I mean seriously, how many times will you be able to say that you slept in a closet with 8 people? xDD AM08 topped my best convention ever!!!!!

see how long it is flick?
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
ROFLMAO, ichi! Big Grin You really weren't joking when you said it was long Tongue How long did that take you to post? I really hope the site didn't go down whilst you were doing it ^^

I'm scheduling myself an hour to read this tomorrow morning! (it's 3 am) then I'll write out my comments!!
yeahhhh..... it took me a couple of days to write it since i gotta make time to write it up. hahahaa and the saturday part was a bit short because i sorta forgot what happened... my memory was a bit muddled because of all the craziness. xDD good experience all and all.
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
Wah. I finally got round to reading it all in one go (and felt it was TOOOO SHORT once I had finished!) Meh, so many brittany's (I know its only 2 but still...) and I can't believe you actually got so unceremoniously thrown out of your hotel room! Lucky it's the Marriott, usually those are quite nice hotels, although I'm quite impressed that a closet could be that big and clean and so much fun! Big Grin I mean, is it used to store anything?

If it were me I probably would have been less gracious about being kicked from the room and moaned about it Tongue You guys are too nice! I'm glad the registrations/pickups went much better this year. I do recall (vaguely) that alot of people complained about that aspect of Anime Matsuri last year, so it's great that they've really made the process super-efficient! (loved the new website too ... all flash!) I think they're very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers as well willing to put up with lack of sleep etc! ^^ And phew re your maid outfit.

It reminds me of some hoodies we ordered for our club a while back, I did order small, but am still swamped by it. Later found out that someone had specifiically ordered 'child-size L-XL' and theirs fit perfectly (darn :p) It's great that the maid cafe was so popular! Just wondering if some of the drinks are actually ok at RT (Room Temp) or are they just better chilled? And hopefully you all got to have some for free too ^^

I'll write more about the rest later. Thinking this post is getting too long already :p
yeah there are more brittanys in the world than there are people in Austraila!

ah Anime Matsuri another dream closer than Japan yet so, so far away...
my brother and i are once again hoping to go to an anime convention this year. after not making it to Yomacon last year we are even more anxious to go and are gonna be prepared this time,last time we found out too late. brother says he'll save up as much money as possible. however i don't know how granted he as no job! @_@ i don't get paid much either but i'll do what i can. perhaps i should stay possitive. i won't even say anything more on the subject so i don't jinx anything
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