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Listening to music online
I'm sure there's a thread about this somewhere, but since I haven't looked for it, gomen! Blush

I've used Imeem and Multiply, and really like the former, but recently they seem to have imposed a 30-second track limit to certain tracks, which means you don't hear most of the song.

Anyway, I've just started using: Deezer.com - which is so amazingly intuitive I was blown away. They only have 2 Back-on songs (Chain and New World -better than nothing!) but they do have a lot of the other chart artists. It was really easy to signup and the interface is really intuitive.

What do you use to listen to music online? Smile
I use Imeem or the much crappier Project Playlist. Or I just download the whole album on torrent, heh.
Hehe - true Big Grin Esnips has quite a bit of choice as well but there are loads of ads I think. It's just that whilst I'm at uni, I don't have access to a personal music player, so have to rely on the offerings of the online world!
I usually buy all of my cds and then rip the songs from them. I'm a big supporter of the bands I like. Hence, why I have bought 3 Back-On cds so far. But if it's just a song or two from a band I like, I either get my friends to send it to me, (since stuff like Limewirse is a virus) or I stream it from Youtube or Myspace or something.
Biiru o nomimasu!
Glad to hear you own Back-on's CDs too, lesboys! Big Grin Limewire used to be really good I think, but it's really gone downhill >_<

I like streaming from Youtube - it's fast Smile

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