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I'm Dreaming of....
ahhh cool website! ah and the video of the month is that GFS vid with kenji03 brother

i was watching Attack of the Show on G4 last night. there was this one about a Geek MMA and they were fighting and such. so when i fell asleep i had a dream about fighting some geeky dude and i was so kicking his...oshiri and it was fun until my stupid lil sister, you know her as Aoi-ame, came and woke me up to help her with a computer problem that was solved by simply pressing the power button.
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lol! power button!
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.
This is a thread for sharing our dreams. Not like "aspiration" kind of dreams but the kind you have when you sleep. I get some really weird ones a lot of the time and I always remember them. I used to try and interpret them but the symbolism never seems to fit so I gave it up. Maybe someone else will have some luck?

Anyway, to start it off, this is the dream I had last night. It gets a tiny bit racy in the middle. =X

I was working at a huge animal rescue resort thing as a groomer. The place was built like an old ski lodge, with wood paneling and rafters, and the place was surrounded by snow. I worked on the first floor of the rescue in the groom shop. It had separate bathing rooms for washing the dogs and cats. One of them even had a five person hot tub for some reason.

I groomed... I think it was a cat. A black cat with white paws and a white spot on its chest. It started talking to me and somehow (don't ask, I don't know) we fell in love. It told me that it had been a long time since it was human. It rolled over onto its back and stretched.

As it stretched, it grew longer and longer and its fur melted away. I grabbed it and rushed it to the mostly unused bathing room with the hot tub in it so no one would see. When the cat finished changing, it was a really beautiful black guy. Tall, lean, chiseled. All that good stuff. He wore his hair in dreads to his shoulders. His skin was the color of milk chocolate with a little red in it. Of course, he had to be naked.

He touched me and kissed me for what felt like a long time until I was gasping and felt faint. I made him stop after a while and get into the hot tub to wait for me to finish work. A colleague had given me 3 Westie puppies to work on and I still had 2 left. I went to the basement to get the next one.

The basement was where all the animal kennels were kept. It ran the whole length of the building, a series of chambers as long as a football field. Right then, the kennels were mostly empty. The Westies were in the last chamber, which was partially above ground so it had windows.

Against one wall was a black and grey Australian Cattle Dog wearing a red bandana around its neck. I stopped and said, "How did you get out?!" Although I didn't recognize it as one of the dogs supposed to be staying at our rescue.

It panted at me and stepped away from the wall, whining a little. Behind it was a hole in the wall and in that hole was a lynx. A really big one. It was squirming through the hole from the outside and hissed at me.

"Dog, let's go!" I screamed. The dog ran to me and we turned to run away. The lynx got through the hole and went to the opposite side of the room where there was another hole. It was filled with two almost grown lynx kittens.

The three lynxes started to chase me and the dog. We were barely ahead, throwing empty cages in their way. We reached the small flight of five steps in front of the elevator and I turned back to look. The dog turned into a human, a teenage male (fully clothed), to push the button for the elevator and then he was a dog again.

Behind us, the two kittens within two steps of me and then they were suddenly human as well. This time they were two pre-teen children, a girl and a boy, also fully clothed. They remained straight-backed as they slowly fell backwards, eyes wide.

The dog and I got in the elevator just as the mother lynx got to us, screaming with rage when she saw her two children, who were still human. She launched herself at us just as the doors on the elevator closed.

On the way up, I worried about the other animals in the basement, particularly my Westies. I knew we'd have to go back down with shotguns.

Aaaaand... that's where it ended. What do YOU think it means?
wow! weeee.. i'm the one to post first. hmm, about your dream, the part where the cat turned into a human, i think that you are longing for someone to love you or something or you had a not-so- mature relationship, like young love.. that's all i can thought of.

dreams are really weird right? first you had this story of your dream then it jumps to another one.

when i was in first year i was dreaming of my classmate. we were not very close.
i just finished taking a bath, walked into my room and got dressed. suddenly, my mother called me out that she was outside waiting for me. i got out and let her come into my room. then, she spoke of something that she liked me. and then she took off her clothes, and kissed me... poof! the dream ended.... (bow)
Do or die. Make you choice.

Yes, dreams are weird.

But first

There is already a thread about this.


Ookami had started one.
hmmm.. didn't knew about that.
Do or die. Make you choice.

Neither did I! That's what I get for not um.. scrolling down or to the next page. My badz.
me too... sorry.. don't feel like doing it.. hello! there are about 300+ threads in here and you get to scroll them all.. hmm.. impossible for a lazy person
Do or die. Make you choice.

Hmm, I don't feel like being mean, but the thread was on the first page and it required like a mili-inch to scroll down to see it. It's the 13th thread? Also, in this "Chat" section there are only 81 threads? Not that many considering each page displays 20 threads.

No, not every single time you want to start a new thread you have to go all the way to page 5 =/ (Page 5 isn't that long anway, but perhaps it's because i'm a forum whore) is you don't want to, but at least look to see if there is on on the first two pages.
Sometimes reviving dead threads is awkward though, and it feels a little better to start your own.
Maybe that's just me though. xP

What the hell goes on in your head? o___________o
That dream is insane.
Engrish lol
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