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How's everything going??

Hope there's a positive side to the drama. Pon Yeah
kind of.

people were talking about how i wanted to trap my ex by skipping my birth control and getting pregnant with him(even though for that to happen i would need for him to like me and for us to be having sex) even though thats far from the truth.

then i was diagnosed with a freak cyst that doesn't go away as it should but the doctors won't do surgery. their solution is to pump with all sorts of

my dad thinks i'm faking and so does everyone else. thats always fun to have happen

my best friend is now wanting to go out with my ex(not too bad idc)

idk who i can trust at my school anymore

people just seem fed up with me

i'm fed up with them

life just sux but thanks to india arie i feel better
[Image: tsubamelove.jpg]
thank you soundex for making this for me ^_^
omg what happend to the original story? everythings messed up, im confused does anyone want to tell me what happened here?
Hope the new year has swept away the grimy-ness of 2008 for you, tsubame Wink

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