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What lesser known bands do you listen to?
I'm tired of listening to the same stuff over and over so I want to check out some new lesser known solid bands.

Protest The Hero
Rise Against
Mad Caddies
Avenged Sevenfold
Authority Zero
Haste The Day
In Flames
Less Than Jake
Story Of The Year
The Reason
Thousand Foot Krutch

Enjoy guys! Throw some good ones at me
Biiru o nomimasu!
Wow... a list of bands I really haven't heard of. Are they all of a particular genre? Big Grin

I quite like some of the music by redballoon and also Fleet Smile Both Japanese bands. The first one did the theme for oneor two of the Gintama EDs, but my favourite song is 'Mirai e'. The second is actually more of an electronic style, but quite chilled out and quiet.
the rimshots(japanese) and hope
[Image: tsubamelove.jpg]
thank you soundex for making this for me ^_^
They more or less revolve around the same genre. Just a heavy sound. A lot of talent though. Any other Japanese bands I should check out?
Biiru o nomimasu!
Maybe One Ok Rock? They're a slight different sound to Back-on but have the rap part too Smile

I've been watching Zombie Loan recently, and the ending theme by MUCC called Chain Ring has (what I think to be) an awesome guitar introduction. They are more rock without the rap imho.
Oh and apparently Dogma are quite good ^^

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