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Back-On cd's
New World is probably my most favourite 'full' album! Big Grin Glad you have received yours, Blazn!
Favorite full album out of any band you've ever heard? If that's so, I'd be glad to tell you of a few bands that I think could rival New World.
Biiru o nomimasu!
And I'd be happy to hear about them! Big Grin Perhaps you could start a new thread about it at some point if that's ok?
sure thing
Biiru o nomimasu!
I've been working on a proper information page for this, since it seems that the paragraph on the Music page (main BOO site) doesnt' seem to be enough. So any other input would be really helpful! Big Grin

If anyone is pre-ordering Back-on's Cds, where are you buying them from? Smile I'm ordering mine from Yesasia at the moment.

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