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Movie: Oceans 13
I went to see this in the cinema, and although I haven't seen Oceans 12 (I hear 13 is better than 12) I really enjoyed it! Smile What did you all think? Spoilers in spoilers too~~ so a spoiler warning below if you haven't seen the film!

I loved the movie : D I saw 12, and it was pretty good too ^^ You could probably find it on Youtube.
I didnt like 12 very much
13 is way better
btw im a minor and really shouldnt be watching it
Now I look back on it:
What did you guys think?
12 wasn't that good in my opinion. 11 had constant suspense throughout the entire thing and 12 just had a few brief moments. I havn't seen 13 yet though.
Biiru o nomimasu!
I loved 11! Big Grin I haven't seen 12 at all though because for some reason, any movie with Catherine Zeta Jones does put me off a little, but from what I've heard 12 isn't very good either so I guess I'm not missing out Wink
WAIT WUT!?!?!?!?!? Buit it should be already on VHS/DVD D:
WTF... if you have internet access, download it >=O
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