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What are you watching?
flick u finished hana kimi? as in the whole series? yes the proper response would be OMG!!!!!!! *sigh* u must tell me wat u think of the ending!!
I've watched up to episode 6 and I'm waiting for episode 7 to finish loading as we 'speak' ... so another 8 episodes to go! Oh yeah... spoiler tags should work now Smile

[spoiler]TEXT HERE SPOILER HERE![/spoiler]
read if u dont mind spoilers in episode 7 =D

OMG I *have* seen that part! Big Grin It was sooo sweet ^^ and I love the way they were so cute in the hallu part... (everyone else... read spoiler above for 'hallu') Hehe I also love Xiu Yi - he's hilarious! I probably love him more than Quan really...
jiro wang as xiu yi is purely genius! he plays nakatsu's part really well. i love his little daydreams! theyre hilarious! and that scene w/ ella and wu chun was really sweet! i dont know how many times i replayed it. im in love w/ quan! he so hawt (tho not as hot as kenji03 who is my current obsession!)
Wow, you guys can remember what happens in each episode... >_> I forget everythinggg. xD
lol its a good series of course you'll remember!
It was a good series... but i still dont remember. xD
I'm still watching it at the moment so if I couldn't remember it that would be quite bad me thinks ^^ I haven't actually read the manga before so don't know how close it is the original storyline.

Maybe we should split this thread to a brand new one solely about Hanakimi?
we should we should! that'd be awesome! and the drama is pretty close to the manga up until the last two episodes

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