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What are you watching?
e1337 is also watching Hana Kimi as well Big Grin I've only watched a few episodes but found them quite hilarious. ^^ I'm going to try and watch more on Veoh as suggested by e1337.
I'm gonna Download it all on Veoh ...seems very interesting
Lol, Hana Kimi is very intresting and funny. =o
So many things to watch! Big Grin I wish exams weren't coming up~~ I'm staving off watching Bleach until the arc is almost done I think - because otherwise I couldn't endure the wait ^^
naruto shippuden ep 8-9 is coming out this thursday! omg i cant wait!! anyone up to date w/ naruto? p.s. i luv hana-kimi and once u guys finish the series lets all discuss it (especially the ending... im not saying anything until u guys finish it all!).
Hana kimi: This means i have another 10 episodes to go! I think... Lets see if I can find a spoiler tag we can use just inc ase.

Its been a while since I've watched Naruto because I tend to watch anime in blocks. e.g. I watched the start up to the end of the last arc of Bleach within a couple of weeks. The longest marathon I've ever done ^^
too many thing to watch I'm LOST
I just watch bleach every episode it comes out xD. Waiting for Ep 121 =o
i read the manga but i'll def watch ep 121 cuz its in my fav part! i love that part wer hitsugaya and the other captains r fighting against the arancar and they were waiting to get the all clear so they can use all their power w/o the limiter (sp?) *sigh* so awesome...
I think its called the Limiter... at least it was called that in the Bounto arc ^^

I've just finished watching Episode of Hana Kimi! It was scary
I was like... omg omg omg...

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