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What are you watching?
Yesh, what the thread title says. =D

Im currently watching.... *pokes signature* =P
I'm currently watching : Karin - Ep 24 Smile

p/s: just finished... probably going to watch House now^^
Death Note - Naruto Shippuden but Death Note is definitly the best anime ever'
xD. I finished Karin a while back... and I watched Death Note a while back too... But I stopped at like ep 18 ish for Death Note. =/ Got boring after Light lost his shinigami. =x
I read some of the Death Note manga awhile back but only got through a few things... haven't even thought of watching the anime. Karin ...was interesting - the ending was totally unexpected in a way for me - some really dark moments in what appeared to be a very light-hearted series. I'm amazed they managed to wrap up most of the loose-ends in the last episode.

I'm currently watching... Tokyo Majin Smile
Never heard of Tokyo Majin. I just finished the drama series Hana Kimi.
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchô is becoming more and more famous I do not like myself but I've watched the 1st and the 2nds episodes it start off well but I didn't like the way the story continues ...
I've finished watching the first episode - have to say scary monsters make my hair stand on end! (hence I can't watch Ghost Hunt late at night :p) but I think its ok so far. Lets see how much I like it.

How many epiodes are there of Hana Kimi?

I'm currently watching... The Sum of All Fears (movie)
i agree w/ sowon! DN owns!! i finished the manga and OMG (not saying ne more)!!! i LOLed so hard on the part where raito takes out the pen and opened the bag of chips. ne one watched the live action? ken'ichi matsuyama makes a perfect L. oh and for hilarious DN fan art/comics:http://silentreaper.deviantart.com/gallery/ (*spoilers on some*) ok... uhm.. naruto shippuden also (cant wait for 8-9 special on thurs.). i just finished bokura ga ita and just started watching karin. flick ur watching hana kimi? as in the taiwanese drama? if so there's 15 eps in all. how far hav u gotten?
Tokyo Majin is a good anime..love the intro / outro songs 2..it must b great if back-on do the intro n outro thmes haha

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