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random pictures of yourself, someone else, or whatever ^^
Sorry, I completely forgot about this thread x_x And the pictures are huuuge~ : O
[Image: 20070531camera0094qd6.th.jpg][Image: 20070531camera0110qu7.th.jpg][Image: 20070531camera0177dw8.th.jpg][Image: 20070531camera0182ko5.th.jpg]
Its just a few : 3 Hope ya'll like them~
It says that the pictures don't exist >_< Neeuuu!
*sigh* i wish there was an anime club in my school. i don't know if there is anyone else in my school that even likes anime, j-music or japan. You're so lucky ichiban
Perhaps you could start one up, aoi? Big Grin It would be great fun if you had the time ~~
ah, since the other thread kinda died out.. i was bored (really REALLY bored), so took a random emo pic with my cell phone

[Image: EmoVin.jpg]
LOL! l337 is one emotional guy! :p I'll try and remember this as the definition of the 'emo' loook in the future~
Flick Wrote:It says that the pictures don't exist >_< Neeuuu!

X_X!! Imageshack hates me. But all of those are uploaded here on my dA :]
No worries, kenji03 Smile Imageshack also kicks me around sometimes (usually when I most need it >_<) but it's good that you have them all on DA as well! *clicks*
lol L337v1n337 you're a thinker !!! I love your pic ( + the kingdon hearts poster )
myeahh i am lucky having an anime club at school. we get crazy discounts during con times since we have about 40 + people pre registering so conventions love us. yeah u should start an anime club at ur school. u can get an art teacher to sponsor u Big Grin. lol someone in my school started a dodgeball club and they got through! and u dont even have to call it anime club. maybe call it japanese culture club lol so ppl wont think of it as cartoon. dammit i hate it when they refer to anime as cartoon....
Lets go to hell, with our hands clasped, together. As we enter its fiery gates and hear the cries and shouts of the damned, we'll walk in with smiles in our faces and scorn God, for not even death can withstand our love.

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