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Back-on Lyrics
Does anyone know where else u can find lyrics for back-on songs except for this site? i cant find lyrics for rain, gaku-ten, and other songs that aren't here...
I really do not know i'll look for it..
And tonight or tomorrow i'll post tv size lyrics of Hikari sashou !!!
I've promised to scan the Hikari Sasuhou lyrics for someone so will probably post the scan up when its done. I haven't quite learnt to type Japanese yet, otherwise all the lyrics would be up by now. Gomen!

p/s: I've only found one or two Japanese sites that have the lyrics for Chain but certainly not for New World. I'm really going to try and figure out how best to type Japanese - if only there was some sort of audio transcriber as I can pronounce the characters (not well but at least better than at typing!) If you guys have any suggestions please let me know!
BACK-ON HIKARI SASHOU *FK metal version* lyrics
( TV size murder princess OVA 1/6) -credits AYAKO fansubs-

same ta kao shi tei tatte
> the coldness of your voice
hajime kara bokau wa wakatte i ta kedo
> it is the start of my understanding
kotoba to auraharari
> It is the words of the aura
igan deita
> which is not strained
kono omoi wo kesshite kureyou
This throughts is never what I ask for
Oh bro ragada kuramiyami karu hitotsuge no seko soremade
> Oh Bro this stroke of darkness is a major situation.
ikesou ega ezou wo shinji zou echo, someody told me to stay cool.
>Trying to erase the drawings or the images, just believe in the echo. Somebody told me to stay cool.
somebody knows kotae nante wakaranai kiriga nai yurute younai
>Oh nobydy knows, nobody can explain it nor there any limits to this
Looking for the answer, itsu ga te sousa sou breast sa just give up
> Looking for the answer, it may originate from anytime, so just give it up
owaranai sou ni
> this is not the end
koware nai you ni hibi ga yeah !
> this is not broken, it is just everyday, yeah !
-walk that bridge from that belt big boy -
hikari no sasou mezahi yo
>you'll realize the light that is shining
hikari sashou hou ni
>The shining lights
kono koe ga todoka naku te mo
> that voice is heard perfectly
Oh kidui tatte kimi wa okui soko de sagashiteru
>You have noted this intention, and is now searching for it

it was long but here it is , let's copy this lyrics for my ipod now Big Grin
Thanks for posting these lyrics, Sowon Smile I've made a news post about it on the main site^^

I've just compared (the rap) part a little to the album sleeve version, for instance-

(at the start)
Ayako : "Oh bro ragada ku"
Album: "glow in the dark"

(at the end)
Ayako: "sa just give up"
Album: "so blast out the speaker"
ok np
The lyrics for Hikari Sasuhou are now up Smile
yeaaa thx !!
Psst... this isn't available on the website yet... but just to let you special forum members know that the lyrics for DRIVE will be up tomorrow Smile
kyaa!! i cant wait!! i wanna get all the lyrics for all back-on songs and put it in my ipod! my only prob is that idk how. does ne one noe how to put lyrics into your ipod??

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