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Back-on Lyrics
Big Grin oooh! I didn't know one could put lyrics on the ipod... I wonder if can do it with Sony ericsson phones?

If anyone does find out in the meantime, please post Smile If there is a format that the lyrics has to be in, I'll try and provide that on the site as well to make it easier ^^
yeah u could put lyrics in the ipod. i just found out when i downloaded this one uverworld song and it was already in there. and did i mention how great i think u r flick? =D
I'm not really great hehe @_@ I think you guys all rock loads! Big Grin It seems one uses ITunes or something to add lyrics according to:

ICHIBAN ::!!!>> It's very easy in fact, u just have to
1.clic right on the song
2.get info
3.You'll see a lyrics menu just click on it
4.copy all text or lyrics from wherever u want
5.paste them on it
6.cilck OK -> should be good
I hope I'm clear enough despite of my lack of precision due to vocabulary ...-_-
Anyway If you have any problem just ask ( I own an Ipod Video just like u I think)
thnx sowon! im a bit of a noob when it comes to ipods since i just got mine recently. thnx a bunchies again and did i mention i luv u? now i can put lyrics to my back-on songs!!!
The expert speaketh! Big Grin Sowon always gives the best advice ^^
*bows down to flick and sowon*
Iie! Not me lol! Big Grin *bows back* I think cosplaying people rock- making all those awesome costume... especially in a POCKY box! I feel like running out to buy one now just in honour of Ichiban! (can we call you Ichi? :p)
yeaa yeaaa Ichi Rolleyes It sounds so lovely
-> me neither *bows back* lol! ^__^ we just wanna help you out as far as we can and made u enjoy this forum everyday .....:!!! Thumbup
oh a Back-on news .. chotto
ha! im still new to cosplaying and the whole L in a pockybox just came up to me when i was chatting w/ my friend and we thought it would be a nice project. i originally planned on just cosplaying as L but since deathnote is not as popular as naruto or bleach not many ppl know who L is (which is sad cuz L is one of the best anime/manga character created ever and he's just plain awesome and smart and raito can eat crap! *rant rant rant*) so i thought that adding a pockybox w/ L (since he has such a sweet tooth its a miracle he isnt overweight or has diabetes) would be a brilliant idea. i hope a lot of ppl would take pix of my cosplay. oh and along with L in a pockybox (me) i also have a neji in a vanilla pocky box (my friend) and a strawberry pockybox (my sis who isnt cosplaying in the inside). i will take pix at the con and show u guys but um... how do i do that? can u post pix in here (i shall use photobucket btw)?

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