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Resources for all your anime/manga needs!
For online reading and for those who don't like downloading torrents try this site;

this site just started in December 2006 and its beginning to pick up steam..... I stumbled on it by chance because I was trying to find more air gear chapters because I was finished my books that I bought..... this place is constantly being updated and they are always adding new series and missed chapters after awhile......
[Image: Beckbw.jpg]

A human soul is very complex. The guitar conveys the soul's feelings. Words translate what the soul is feeling. This is called a song, it calms, heals, & sooth the souls thousands.
Great site, thanks for this! Big Grin They also have Claymore manga ^^
I have to read claymore, and the anime seems to be a real succes !
There are quite a few fansites springing up! Big Grin Including a french one too!
oh oh claymore rock !!!! ( me began to watch the claymore anime series ) Big Grin
Yay! Big Grin I'm glad you like Claymore too Big Grin
i get the animes i want to download from animesheep
its a part of gendou and they have direct downloads and torrents
Thanks for the site, Kinzaku! Smile I'll be sure to take a look!
I love the crunchyroll website but .. how come they want us to pay to download !?
that's not cool ! The idea is sth like *upload all your videos* and then we will sell 'em!
At least we can still watch them (fairly ok video quality even if audio isn't that great) for free. But yes, I agree about the anime download sites as well that ask people to upload their content but don't give them something in return Smile

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