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Hey guys!

So... I'm a pretty new BACK-ON fan from Canada. I discovered them from Gundam Build Fighters, which I actually watched for the first time a long time ago, and I remembered that I loved the openings, but I never really searched the up or anything. Now I started re-watching it and finally decided to search up the song, then I saw that it was by a Jrock band called BACK-ON, and then I got super excited because I love Jrock Tongue   Then I searched up more songs and got hooked, then I found this forum and decided to sign up.

Whew. I don't really have a favourite member, at least not yet. I'd have to say my fav song is Wimp because its the song that got me addicted to them lol.

Okay, I think that's enough. Sayonara for now  Yaay
Oh wow! New member Smile Welcome to BOO!
Thanks for the welcome! Although this place seems to be quite inactive unfortunately, I'll try my best to be an active user ^_^
Hi syko! Welcome to the Forums Pon Yeah

Sorry for my late welcome. Was in the middle of exams in March and then back-to-back travel for work. I really miss uni days when there were nice long breaks!

I absolutely know what you mean about getting into BACK-ON through anime; mine was through Air Gear and what caught me was the opening theme 'Chain' Still love it! Wee

Hope you will continue to come by and keep up on the Chatbox (on the main forum page) or just on the message threads.

Have you had a chance to listen to their new album?

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