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CD Single セルリアン/Silent Trigger - Due out on December 17th 2014 - Discussion Thread
Not sure if a thread has been created for this, but given there seems to be quite a bit of interest in this, let's have a discussion!

First, the actual track セルリアン (Cerulean) is the OP for the anime Gundam Build Fighters Try, sequel to Gundam Build Fighters. I've seen the latter and quite enjoyed it.

OP video on Youtube

What are your thoughts about the OP and sequel anime, which began airing on October 8th this year? Smile

And if you fancied an alternative version, someone played the tune on the piano

Not much information yet on Silent Trigger, except that it will be the featured song for the forthcoming PS3/PS Vita game "Gundam Breaker 2" (December 18th 2014) but it features in the trailer from around 2:20.

p/s: Supposedly the full version of セルリアン (Cerulean) - Nightcore version ... the pitch seems higher/different
I didn't like Cerulean. There's something weird about this song. I can't really define what's wrong... but it doesn't sound like a song made by Back-On.
Also... DAT "Nightcore" version. Still ROFL'ing. I will pick all my songs in my PC, give 'em a little "higher pitch & tempo" and call it Nightcore hahaha.

Props to Silent Trigger though. That's precisely what I love of Back-On. I'm totally into this song.
Thanks for the info, Flick <3
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Wee Wee Wee
Thanks for sharing!  Thumbup
I loved both seasons of build fighters but season 1 has charm that Try just couldn't replicate
I was sceptical about Gundam Build Fighters initially but enjoyed it more than I thought I would Smile seems like a pretty cool concept. Haven't actually watched Try yet... I'll add it to my potentials Smile. Thanks John!

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