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[IA/03 -VISION-] - 憧憬〜DOUKEI〜
Found out about it via the BACK-ON.com website -  it seems they contributed to the latest (third) Vocaloid IA Project release (IA/03 -VISION-) and the short version is available via SoundCloud;  it's definitely very BACK-ON and actually features TEEDA rapping and I do find parts of it incredibly catchy  Wee


The 30-second TV trailer has a snippet of the track:

The "full" promotional PV can be found here (no BACK-ON) 

Wow! It sounds great.
I'll totally download this album (even if it's only for one track).
Thanks for the info, Flick <3
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Glad you like it too, Fire! Pon Yeah   I wish I could stream the whole album to get a feel for the whole thing, but unfortunately limited bandwidth means I can only listen to the samples shown here. 15gb love.  Am thinking of seeing if I can increase my usage limit next month.

Someone kindly provided DOUKEI on Youtube!   Saru-odoru

Believe it or not, I downloaded the album and the only song I've listened to so far is DOUKEI lol
I guess I'll listen to the other songs and give you my opinion later ('cause 3 discs are A LOT of songs to hear haha)

Edit: And I listened to the album. Only one song caught my attention: 片想い流星群 [Kataomoi Ryuuseigun - Track 6 of the first disc]. It's like a really lovely ballad. Apart from that, the album is good but as I said, only that song was worth to be saved in the HDD along with Doukei.
[Image: oRHRbtl.jpg]
• Facebook: @MineCruzado
• Twitter: @AquastormLAS
I found a lyric video of the song by accident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH9RgZF6PD0

Definitely love the song though. I've always wanted to listen to vocaloid but I never bothered so getting the album to have Back-On's song will give me an excuse to try it out. Tongue

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