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Ling Tosite Sigure
Started listening to this band a while ago, been around for a long time, too.
Finding the chorus really catchy! Smile Although really surprised at how high the guy is singing. Definitely impressed by the guitar playing and drumming!
He has his own solo project and did the intro to an anime called "Tokyo Ghoul". My other favorite song from them isn't on youtube, but its called "a 7 days wonder" which is actually a really nice, relaxing song but youtube's copyright restrictions...yeah. They also, sometimes, implement some "screaming" into their songs, which I can understand some people might not like lol. IIRC, they signed to a UK label a couple of years ago.

There's a music video for this, but its not a studio version of the track, this one is the studio version. Its called "seacret cm".

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