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CD Single New single "Departure / Strike Back" on 30th July 2014!
Received the email from CDJapan this morning ( http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/CTCR-40363) but the news has been confirmed via http://www.back-on.com/discography/

BACK-ON will be releasing a new single called "Departure / STRIKE BACK" on 30th July 2014! Wee

The tracklisting has both songs and there will be three versions available... for some reason they have decided to split the DVD releases up so that the music video for Departure and Strikeback are on different ones. Heh

I guess this does make each DVD release cheaper. The single is the usual 1,080yen but the DVDs are now 1,944yen each.

According to DAILY MUSIC (https://dailymusic.auone.jp/news/43240) and the official website, "Departure" will be the main theme song for the 2014 promotional CM for Nihon Kogakuin http://www.neec.ac.jp/cm/ - a technical college in Japan. Last year's music was provided by the band DUFF (http://duffduff.jp/index.php).

Quite exciting news given that BACK-ON will be making their debut live performance (x2) in Brazil in July Smile Plus their own live show (biggest ever) in October.
This sounds amazing, although I do think that the whole "music video in different DVDs" idea is a bit...odd, perhaps? Either way I'm excited! Big Grin
Me too haha Big Grin To be honest, if one bought both, that would make it more expensive since double 1,944yen is more than what you would normally pay. I'm all in favour of the Japanese moguls protecting their industry like they have done so far, but it doesn't make sense really to have these two releases. I don't know if this is common in other areas of the world (don't follow enough other bands to say so)...

So Back-on just posted this on their facebook page! There's 2 ads for Nihon Kogakuin with Departure playing in the background. Now I can't help but wonder if Departure and Sky Line (the song they've recently kept playing at the end of their live sets) are the same song...
Thanks for this, SC! Big Grin Great spot with the new CM! I wouldn't mind going to that college now for a bit haha.

In other news, I read that STRIKE BACK (I think it is anyway) is going to be the new OP for FAIRY TAIL. From what I can gather, FT is a really popular manga but am not sure if the anime is just as well received? Smile Good news either way!

Well I guess this kinda confirms this lol.
Woot Smile It's great when BACK-ON gets more exposure like this. Their website mentions something about Departure now being on iTunes it seems?
I just checked, I see it there and there's a 1:30 preview but the release date still says July 30th, so idk.

Here it is btw:
Ooh thanks Big Grin I'm going to have a listen now... sorry I didn't realise it was only a preview so thanks for the correction ^^
Well it seems like its a preview since the release date on it says July 30th so idk if you can buy it.

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