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Recent manga
I have been following:
a little dark in some places for 1 and 3, but so good! Smile Beelzebub has been entertaining too, although a recent surprise for me has been Waratte Sotomura-san - poor girl is just so misunderstood haha Smile
Ooh, I haven't read manga in years, I only just recently started getting back into reading, dark kinda sounds like its right up my alley tho lol.
Haha ;D It's not that dark but I am scared of things like zombies so err... that's probably why. I think though that its sometimes to do with the darkness of the human heart even though our protagonists are the ones that have to discover all of this.
Well, that made it sound more interesting.
Just wanted to recommend this new manga I found... great story line and a heroine who isn't just pretty as she's also smart as well! Smile

Chang Ge Xing

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