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New single + Gundam Build Fighters OP "ニブンノイチ" + Gundam Breaker OP "INFINITY"
+1 to that! Big Grin INFINITY has seriously interesting bridge at 2:15!

Looks as though BACK-ON have revamped their website as well! Smile Now much more organised in the Discography section with sub-sections linking to individual pages for albums/singles.
The new single is now 12th in the Singles chart! Smile Photo courtesy of Shu's Twitter update

[Image: BYZ1QUHCAAADUK1.jpg]
Saito Lyrics messaged to say they have done a subbed version of Nibun no Ichi (short) Smile The full translation is in the 'About' tab below!

I'm sure they also made a PV for Infinity(2:03min video on youtube) but i can't seem to find it? Anyone link me please? And also is there a HD version of the full PV of ニブンノイチ? (Not the one on dailymotion)
I haven't come across an HD version of ニブンノイチ yet online (the other version I found was worse than the dailymotion one that SC found) ... maybe someone will be share it from their CD+DVD single one day?

Ooh I would so be tempted to watch a full INFINITY video! The only one I know of is tacked on to the end of the promo PV uploaded by Avex for ニブンノイチ.

Wonder if anyone else can help? Smile

p/s: Welcome back, thekiller99 ^^
Welcome back, thekiller99!

As for the PV, believe me, I've been looking for a better version. I'm also doubting avex will upload it on YouTube, Ice Cream was never uploaded by them so idk.
I don't think I've seen a full PV of Icecream either... (or have I?) It was part of their DVD version release if I remember correctly. ^^

If anyone can find a better version, I'd put my biscuits on SC :p
Believe me, I looked, I remember someone uploaded it on youtube but it was taken down by the record label and he chose not to re-upload it. I honestly think there's no full version anywhere, I've exhausted all of my options lol.
The record labels are quite active about these things >_<

Thanks for trying though, SC ^^ Maybe one day we'll get to watch it in full ~~

Incidentally, has anyone seen the new BACK-ON Tube 34(?) - the start seems to hint at another new song that has not been released?
There's a couple of songs they haven't released yet. Whatever happened to Brand new story (if that's what it was called, can't remember)?

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