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Your EviL Deeds...
You guys are going to give me nightmarers

poor pigeon, R.I.P. little buddy
Biiru o nomimasu!
I love your replies Les. Big Grin

Well, this reminds me about when my sis, Xiapher, and I found two mocking birds in our tree in front of our house. Well, we were really young and decided to see the baby birds and try to take care of it. Well, ended up that there were three. One egg, and two birds. Well, the egg never hatched and we tried to take care of the bird (because we heard about that if human come in contact with their babies then they won't want to take care of them anymore and maybe even kill them). Well, turns out they died in like a week or so. Maybe two weeks. It was pretty fun back then, but now that I think back to it I think it's pretty funny and kinda sad.Poor birds. LOL!
Yeah, she's more evil. =X No animals were harmed in my stories. 'cept football players.
Football players are animals! Most of them that is...well...the ones at my school and everything. They can eat a whole ton too! I'm like...damn....I couldn't even eat that much and I can eat a lot too. Big Grin
wow.. nice stories...

alacrana and tsubame. both were very cruel. well, most of us had our dark sides, only that these 2 unlocked their identities. i know that sometimes it is hard for us to do fights or evil deeds but the emotion that we feel inside seems to be the trigger to do stuffs like dat... or we just used to do things... hmm, i wonder. i know that u've got more stories to tell so feel free to share it.
Do or die. Make you choice.

Yes, i'm sure everyone here has more stories, but for now I really can't type it up right now because I just don't have the time. School's going to end in like 10 minutes and it's going to take a lot more than 10 minutes to type up that story or any story I have for that matter.
well i have one but short. my batch caused all of this.

my teacher walked out on us because we were too noisy. it happens everytime, it's like she never existed in her class... and as she walked away, we were clapping and cheering like we were happy that she did that.. hmm

but before our incident, a second year student made her cry. one morning she let them brought floorwax, and then the second year student, seeing that they had many floorwax, said to her, "Ma'am, are we going to sell floorwax?"
then the teacher got offended by that. she cried... (T_T)

but i don't think it's an evil story... it's a funny one. and when the 2nd yr student was telling us the story, we were laughing, really.
Do or die. Make you choice.

that is kinda sad.....but funny. XD
(\ /)
(o.o) - ...I'm gonna eat you
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