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"Grab" Lyrics - fadr - 03-21-2011

Hi everyone, I'm new here!

I've been searching all around the internet for the lyrics of Grab, but can't find it anywhere. Can anyone listen to this song and make the lyrics himself?

RE: "Grab" Lyrics - Flick - 04-22-2011

Sorry about the late reply, Fadr!

I think I have the lyrics somewhere with the CD so will really try and scan or transcribe - especially as the Easter break is this weekend Smile

One of my favourite BACK-ON songs - especially the verses.

RE: "Grab" Lyrics - fadr - 04-22-2011

Hey thanks =D I wasn't expecting a reply, actually ^^''

RE: "Grab" Lyrics - ShadowChao94 - 04-25-2011

Lyrics to Grab would be AWESOME! =D