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BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Edward - 09-07-2010

soooo recently my friend has been cleaning out his room and when i went over, he gave me his back-on T-shirt that he bought at the vancouver concert! He also had a signed Simica poster but i didn't want to ask for it as well. And well, as i understand it, they dont sell these anymore so i got really really excited when he gave it to me!

[Image: 6suk5l.jpg]

ALSO, my NEW WORLD CD came in the mail the other day, so i feel fully back-onified with my t-shirt and CD Big Grin WeeSaru-odoruPon Yeah

RE: BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Buzuzuzu - 09-10-2010

*envious* DD:
Congrats Ed <3

RE: BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Edward - 09-10-2010

*hides shirt in a locked vault*
*cough*yournevergettingyourhandsonmyshirtD<*cough* Sparklies

RE: BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Flick - 09-17-2010

Zomg - 'back-onified' - that's classic! Lovelove

You should definitely have it insured, oh Edward! By the way, please drop us a note as to where you keep it and when you're going to be out... for purely informational reasons of course :p

How are you enjoying NEW WORLD? It's definitely my favourite mini-album.

RE: BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Edward - 09-17-2010

NEW WORLD is really great, has almost all my favorites in there excluding Believer, its so shiny too Sparklies and it matches the shirt! i only just noticed a few days ago, that the logo on the cd was the same as the shirt Saru-odoru

RE: BACK-ON T-SHIRT!!! - Flick - 09-18-2010

Believer = Brilliant! Big Grin I'm going to have to find my New World CD again and take another look at the logo.