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Song of the Day? - Flick - 08-17-2010

I think we've had a similar thread before, but I just felt the urge to post something that I'm listening to (similar to Twitter's #nowplaying tag):

NumberNin6 - Not This Time / The Tempest

You can imagine part of this track (especially the first minute or so) in one of those futuristic films.

RE: Song of the Day? - Edward - 08-26-2010

usually dont dabble in korean music but for some reason i can't stop listening to this one......

Sweatdrop i still remember how to post youtube!!! Wahahaha been quite awhile

RE: Song of the Day? - Flick - 08-30-2010

@Edward: That's a pretty nice combination! Don't think these artists usually work together? ERU has a lovely voice.

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way