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Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Flick - 08-09-2010

You'll have to excuse the pun, but whilst I was er... away, I decided to sign up for Tumblr.

As far as I can tell, it allows people to share their favourite media (be it photos, videos, music etc.) and it's really easy to use.

I thought it would be fun to have one for us BOO peeps, and in a crazy moment one late night, I decided to name it Peek-a-BOO. Wahahaha

SO the point of this is: we can share our favourite things on one network/Tumblr if you fancy it.

Currently an experimental work-in-progress at

It would be great to find out what you think Smile Yay or Nay are good replies too.

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Buzuzuzu - 08-10-2010

Hey, that's a good idea.
I was thinking about making a tumblr account but I'm afraid that I may not keep it updated (*cough*likemyLJaccount*cough*

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Flick - 08-12-2010

Thanks Buzu Smile Am glad you think it's a good idea rather than something really crazy!

I think it's possible to submit content as a guest if it's any help; nowadays we all have so many accounts it's quite a hassle maintaining each one...

*coughs too* LJ too, yup *cough*

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - ichi - 09-10-2010

Yay I just followed Peek-a-BOO on tumblr! Now I have a bigger reason to keep up with my tumblr. I've been slacking for a couple of weeks. Big Grin

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Flick - 09-17-2010

Yay! Big Grin Thanks for following the Tumblr, ichi. Anyone can post to it really so I hope it will be a fun thing for everyone.

* Flick thinks ichi should share her Tumblr link here!

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - SMiiiLEzz - 09-25-2010

I just followed! My tumblr username /atm/ is "kanatiii"

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Flick - 12-14-2010

Yay, thanks Kan! Big Grin I need to do more work on the Tumblr. I hope people will submit things as well to share.

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Mr.Beros - 01-10-2011

Just followed~
I'm Kerobby. :3

RE: Peek-a-BOO - A Tumblr Blog - Flick - 01-10-2011

Followed back, Beros Wink