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RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 05-12-2007

its too big for them i guess. i got used to it. me no likey mcdonald's.

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 05-12-2007

I was watching an episode of Gintama, where there was a subber's note about sukiyaki: that beef is a rare and expensive meat in Japan... which made me think of Back-on's apparent burger feast! Smile

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 05-14-2007

o.O No way! I can't not have my beef......*reconsiders living in Japan*

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 05-15-2007

I haven't checked to see how true this is :p Perhaps it was like that in the olden days but not sure about now? ^^ Need to ask a Japanese person or something Smile

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 05-15-2007

hmmm.. i could ask my cousin though i havnt kept in touch in a while... busy. she's really into japanese food. im so jealous of her... she lives in japan....

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 05-16-2007

That would be cool! Big Grin I'll see if I can dig up any random Japanese acquaintances as well Wink

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 05-16-2007

You guys are lucky to have friends/family out of the country. I have none.....except for you guys of course ^_^

RE: Anime Matsuri - SOUND_EX - 05-17-2007

i now have too many....mainly from japan >.>

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 05-17-2007

like Back-On....

RE: Anime Matsuri - SOUND_EX - 05-18-2007

yup.....well mainly teeda and wakita