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RE: Anime Matsuri - Riliont - 04-30-2007

im so jealous Tongue

RE: Anime Matsuri - max doe - 05-01-2007

I know. I'm jealous too and I'm about to cry. Just make a thread about what you guys did if you want. I will read it because seeing the vid of Back-on I really wish I was there. I know they rocked the house if they got an encore of the songs I love the best. What am I talking about all the songs are the best. Please I must hear everything people did because I hearing other things that they didn't like the AM but like the concert. So write and tell.Thumbup

RE: Anime Matsuri - Rynn - 05-03-2007

Flick Wrote:Definitely! Big Grin Apparently BACK-ON communicated really well with the crowd and it was a good atmosphere according to the user Holydragon01 (thanks!) on MashHarder. The 'main vocalist' spoke English ... but I'm not sure if he meant Teeda or Kenji03 Smile

It was Teeda. Kenji03 like...I'm not sure if he tried to speak english but he either was reading a sheet of paper or he gave up. Either way he just started yelling "sushi, tempura, POCKY, etc" in to the crowd. My friend and I just turned to each other and started giggling. Lmfao The crowd loved it.

RE: Anime Matsuri - L337v1n337 - 05-03-2007

hugs? I drove teeda and nao from the hotel to the restaurant.. drank a whole bunch with back-on, had some very very very interesting conversations with teeda and also am definitely gonna have to go to tokyo now.

now be jealous <3

edit- teeda is learning english, but speaks fairly well. He takes his time with sentances but works them out pretty well. Kenji.. everytime we saw each other that night he would go "LINKUNU PARKU" and i'd say "LOST PROPHETS"

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 05-03-2007

awesome!! omg i cant believe u had that much time around back-on. so lucky!! me so jealous... i still love my hugs from teeda and kenji03... woot!! linkunu parku!! though i dont like that band much..... back-on rawks my world!!! yes we definitely have to schedule a trip to japan!!

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 05-03-2007

yes i am very jealous. Happy?

awww how cute! "Linkunu Parku" *squeal*

RE: Anime Matsuri - Flick - 05-04-2007

Oooh! Big GrinLucky you- L337v1n337! Big Grin You drove them around? That's so cool! And you got to hang out and drink with them~~~ *sigh sigh* I really should have immigrated to america a month ago to get ready for this convention.

Agreed about "Linkunu Parku"! Big Grin Lol... Linkin Park, Lost Prophets... how did that come about? ^^

RE: Anime Matsuri - L337v1n337 - 05-04-2007

Well in the car it was Me, Nao in the front and Teeda in the back. To help with the convo one of us asked him what type of music he likes and he went on about linkin park and all these different bands (had all of the music in my car.. but didnt know how to work the iPod feature just yet. New car), but I was all like oh no way same here blah blah. He mentioned lost prophets and nao noticed a lost prophets song in my playlist through the in-dash screen so we went ahead and played that while on china town's main street here in houston(bellaire), and I believe he mentioned Kenji was a bigger fan of lost prophets. Then he brought kenji to us randomly after eating, pointed and went "lost prophets", to which I named other bands, and he replied. Then during the goodbyes for the night it was more "LINKUNU PARKU". Great guys! I will be definitely be looking forward to drinking with these pimps later next year and perhaps seeing them sometime in tokyo

RE: Anime Matsuri - ookami - 05-04-2007

lol. how cute. I've never heard Lost Prophets tho. Maybe i should listen to them some time.

RE: Anime Matsuri - ichi - 05-09-2007

*agrees with ookami* i cant help but feel jealous of L337v1n337 for spending so much time w/ the guys. such awesome ppl. i cant wait to see them again (maybe i'll have my tattoo by then =D teeda likey?)